Friday, July 2, 2010


I seem to have found out that several of my blogging friends have not heard of NetGalley yet. So, here is a quick rundown of the site. 

Just goto NetGalley and sign up as a reviewer. You fill in a few things on your profile (like your blog addy) and then search the galleys they have available. You can search by genre, publisher, or what has recently been added. Not all publishers are on NetGalley, but many are and several more are signing up. You click on request if you are ready and then you wait. The publisher reviews your request and either accepts or denies it. Once you are accepted, you can then download usually to several formats. All are currently available only as ebooks and are either ARCs or Galleys (hence the name). After you have read the book and reviewed it, you can copy, paste your review, where it's reviewed (some want to know if you have posted it to other places other than your blog) and you also click review completed. The publisher will get a notice of your review. You can also deny a review if you just can't finish the book for some reason. Oh, and you don't have to memorize all of this, the instructions on the site are quite clear and easy to follow. You can follow NetGalley on Twitter as well. :)

Hope this quick post helps those out there that haven't heard of this great site!


  1. I just discovered this a few weeks ago!

  2. I thought everyone had heard of them. Found out I was very wrong, so I thought I'd put up a short post about them. Glad you had found them! :)

  3. I heard of this months ago - but I still haven't taken advantage of it. I read on my iTouch infrequently and getting a netgalley means I'd have to read on that thing for long periods of time. A lot of good ARCs on the website though.

  4. Hopefully many will go visit as it is a great site to go to. :) And so many books to choose from. Great post!

  5. I heart Netgalley! i've read some great books from there, it's an awesome place to receive ARCs especially for those people not living in countries where ARCs are mostly given out.

    Great post =)


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