Friday, March 5, 2010

Hook and Jill by Andrea Jones

Hook & Jill
From the book: Wendy Darling learns. What appears to be good may prove otherwise, and what seems to be evil…is irresistible.
 In this startling new vision of a cultural classic, Wendy intends to live happily ever after with Peter Pan. But Time, like this tale, behaves in a most unsettling way.
As Wendy mothers the Lost Boys in Neverland, they thrive on adventure. She struggles to keep her boys safe from the Island's many hazards, but she finds a more subtle threat encroaching from an unexpected quarter…The children are growing up, and only Peter knows the punishment.

Yet in the inky edges of the Island, the tales Wendy tells to the Lost Boys come true. Captain Hook is real, and even the Wonderful Boy can't defend his Wendy against this menace. Hook is a master manipulator, devising vengeance for his maiming. Insidious and seductive, Hook has his reasons for tempting Wendy to grow up.
Revenge is only the first.

This book is basically a retelling of the familiar Peter Pan tale. Andrea Jones takes the old play with it's sketched out characters and forms a beautiful and colorful painting of fully formed characters. You really get to know them in a more intimate way than ever before. These characters and the truth of Neverland bring you in and hold you with it's own magic. I had a hard time putting this book down.

If you were like me, I never fell in love with the original Peter Pan story, but did enjoy it's possibilities. I always had questions about the characters and all the questions I might have had were finally answered with a few surprises thrown in. How could Captain Hook, with his intelligent and ruthless ways fall prey time and again to a boy's whim? If Peter has become more faerie than boy, then why isn't he more like the faerie in attitude? These and many other questions I've always had are indeed answered with satisfaction. I also loved the surprises which just engaged me even further into the story.

This was such fun to read. It is also part of a series with "Other Oceans" listed as the next book. I seriously can't wait to go back to the adult version of Neverland. And if you haven't guess yet if I recommend this book... oh, that would be a resounding YES!

I would like to thank Riane A. Herihy from Publishing Works for sending me this book for review. I'd also like to mention that this book recently won the "Mother's Choice Award for Adult Fiction" Congratulations!

I was just informed that the company is offering a 20% discount on their books. The one I reviewed would be a great choice, seriously. Enjoy!

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  1. Peter Pan yields so many possibilities doesn't it? Who's the Jill of the title? And does Tinkerbell show up in this story too?

  2. All the characters Barrie sketched out are there. So, yep... Tink is there.

    As for Jill... I'm torn if it would be a spoiler. So, I'll say, she is someone very close to Wendy's heart.

  3. OOO... very nice answer to the "Jill question." ;)
    I've read this novel and I loved it, too. But I wouldn't call it a retelling... that would entail keeping the same narrative. Jones has taken us on a different branch, a new path. And aren't we glad she did? :)
    I can't wait for Other Oceans myself. :D

    You might also want to read this book written by a friend of Jones... it's based on Barrie's own idea for more Peter Pan adventure. :) Click!


  4. I respectfully disagree. Often retelling means a new version of a story. I do however, understand your position and thinks that it would suit your definition as well. I think it is more a matter of intent to the context of what you are writing. :) Oh, and yes, I am so glad she took this path.

    And thanks for the link. I will check it out!

  5. Oh my gosh, this sounds so good! Brilliant review...I absolutely must get my paws on this :)

  6. Melissa what genre is this book? UF? Sci-fi? You had me at Peter Pan :) I love when a classic is retold in a creative way (except for Jane Austen Zombie books, sacrilege!).

  7. Okay, but what I meant is that a retelling (to me) usually follows the same general path as the original. The story as laid out by Barrie is not being told in a new way (with or without new elements/interpretations)... this is an entirely different offshoot, set during the time the Darlings spent in the Neverland. Does that clarify it?

    Either way, it's a marvelous book. I hope you like the one I linked, too! :)

  8. @ Melissa... you will enjoy it, I believe.

    @ smokinghotbooks, I'd say it's paranormal, it does have action and romance, fantasy and faeries. It is an adult book. Don't know if I clarified or muddied... sorry.

    @The Never Fairy... actually, the other was clearer. I stated I did understand your context, and it is the context that defines it. No matter, we both agree it is a great book and that is the important part. ;) I did like the link and will check out the book. It sounds very interesting. And I really do appreciate you direction my attention to the other book!

  9. Jill is Wendy. That was the name she decided to give herself if she ever became a pirate. Red handed Jill.

  10. I know it's been awhile since this blog was put up, so I'm not sure if I'll get an answer. I'm curious though. Is this book strictly adult, or more YA? How old are the characters?

  11. @tamw... Sent an e-mail and just realized I didn't answer the how old question. Jill is turning into a woman and so is an older teen. Hard to say since they are in the Never, but they are growing up. I feel this is more adult, but I wouldn't say strictly so. Older teens could enjoy this one too. There is some sex within the book, FYI.


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