Friday, November 13, 2009


I had intended to fully read my first ebook and give a review on it. Unfortunately the free book neglected to say that it was a preview. Now, Amazon, where I got the book, later changed that, but the link I got it from still did not. It had about 20 chapters to the book, so I figured it was a full book. So did a lot of other people. I also looked at the one that DID say preview did not specify that it was only a portion of the book in question. I feel that this was an honest mistake, but was not taken care of properly. Full disclosure on EXACTLY you are getting even if it is free should be given on the page you are "buying" from. This is important so people do not have a bad taste for the author (who I feel did not have a part of it, but will surely get criticism for it), and the store. Perhaps the word preview could have been enough, but I felt it was already confused with not having it specified prior.

So, for now on, I will assume that anything before a publishing date will be a preview unless stated otherwise. Since I'm making that wide assumption, I won't say exactly what book it was (although it won't be hard to find out) and it does not deter me from the free books. I did check. Those others that I had downloaded are full books. I just wanted people to be aware of what they may get before getting that pre-published book for free. ;)


  1. Wish I had a kindle or nook..thanks for the heads up for when I do get one *dreams* :)

  2. Hello - great news you'd like to sign up for the Blogsplash! would you mind sending me a quick email ( so I can add you to my list? Thanks!

  3. ladystorm, I don't have a Kindle either... I do have an iPod Touch and the free Kindle app. :) There are many ways to get those free e-books even if you only have a computer. :)


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