Tuesday, August 9, 2011

RomCon 2011!!

So, in case you didn't know, I went to RomCon this past weekend. I had won tickets a couple of weeks ago and so I figured out a way to get my hiney up to Denver to have some fun. My ride was going back and forth Friday and Sat, so I couldn't stay later for some of the other fun things going on. Disappointing... sure, but hey I got to get in this con for free so who am I to complain? I will have to budget for a possible win next time and get a room. :D Anyhoo... I did get to go to several of the daytime fun events and I did have fun!
First event was Build a Hero:
Sylvia Day and Erin Kellison were in my group and we came up with a hero who is trying to save his secret paranormal baby! LOL It was a lot of fun throwing out ideas with the other people and the authors. I really got to talk to Erin and she is just too cool! In short... she rocks!!
After this, I went to Bloody Hell in which they talked about blood splatters. Yea, I know... but I was curious. I found out that they were actual crime scene photos. Abby Sciuto lied to me. It's only fun when it's fake. As soon as I knew they were real, I couldn't help but feel totally bad for the victims and families. Nope, I'll never become a crime detective. :(
There were several other events and I had fun and even won a Kimberly Frost book! We did a sort of Password type of game (which I sucked at, but luckily people at my table rocked... sorry gals!). Oh Kimberly rocked as well. She signed my book. :D
Oh and then FINALLY I got to meet the one person I couldn't wait to meet:
Geeky Blogger's Book Blog”=
Go to her blog if you haven't yet. You see that picture on her blog? It doesn't do her justice! I finally spotted someone who looked like her, but she was quickly disappearing down the hall. I turned back around and talked to some other great people I met. As I was talking I heard her say something about TX, so I looked back and asked if she was Felicia. YES IT WAS! She was so sweet, cute and everything you think she is. To borrow Ashley's (the Bookish Brunette) expression: She rocked my face off! If you EVER get a chance to meet this girl... do it! I'm so serious. It was a great end to a great day!

Btw... this is what the clouds looked like on the way from the con that day:
Lovely eh? lol
The second day was also fun and luckily I got to see more of Felicia. I really enjoyed getting to know her more! However, she missed Strip a Hero. I have piccys to prove that I went to it! Don't you love me now? ;D
The authors wrote skits and the guy (named Brooks) and the woman (an actress... I forgot her name... go figure... lol she did rock tho...) acted them out. The first one the authors got to undress the hero:
I would have said the name of the other guy, but he left after the first skit and I didn't find out what his name was... *sniff*
Anyhoo... the heroine got to kiss the first hero:
...and then the second hero:
Of course the second act people in the audience got to undress Brook:
I didn't take as many picture of that one since the undressing was so close and I had to pay attention. ;)
For the last skit he put on a kilt and kept his shirt off:
No, we didn't get to find out what was under the kilt. 
The last event I got to go to was the paranormal tea. That was fun even though I didn't win any books. Just getting to know others that loved to read and authors was a blast. I didn't come home with Brooks to add to the man harem. Looks like Felicia had a better chance than I did (ask to check out her pics of that part.. lol). Hm... I wonder how he is settling in in her harem. I may have to borrow him sometime. ;)
That was my 2 exhausting and fun days at RomCon. Next time I need to budget so I can stay longer. :)
Oh and if you ever get a chance meet these authors:
Of course the other authors rocked, but I got to talk to them more than the others. They are so great!


  1. How lucky were you? Sounds like an amazing event, one I would also have loved to attended - England really needs to get its act together with regard to such events.

  2. It seems you had so much fun - I am er...jealous.

  3. "Strip a Hero" what an awesome game. LOL. I can understand why you forgot their names. Shirtless = distraction. Sounds like such an fun filled and awesome event. Thanks for sharing the pics. I am bit jealous I didn't get to strip a hero ;)

  4. RomCon looks like such a fun event! I love the different events...particularly the undress a hero! :)

    It would be great if the UK had more of this type of event - and I was brave enough to go!

  5. Wow, this sounds like so much fun. And I definitely agree with the other commentors that the "Strip a Hero" game sounds particularly intriguing...

  6. I would have loved to have gone. It looks like it was a lot of fun :-)

  7. Oh my God how to strip a hero. LOVE IT!!! And yay for meeting Felicia, I adore her blog, she's so cute:) One of these days I'm hoping I get to meet all the bloggers behind the fabulous blogs I visit every day. Looks like you had such an amazing time, thanks for sharing the pictures Melissa!

  8. Looks like you had a blast! Loved all the pictures :)

  9. Sounds awesome :D I am so very jealous now that you got to go there

  10. :D How fun! Gawd I live too far away from everything. I had to call up one of my BFFs for ComicCon dish 'cause there's just no way I'll ever get to anything fun like this.

    Thanks for sharing your pics and experience with us Melissa! :)

  11. @...Petty... I know! I was a lucky girl! :)

    @anachronist... er... okay... :)

    @Nic.. LOL I thought you might like that one. :) I didn't get to strip him either but it was still fun to watch! :D

    @Mel...You would have had a lot of fun. Really, no bravery involved. People there rocked!

    @Simcha... It SO was! :D

    @Paranormal Haven... Oh I think you would have had a blast. Of course you would have liked the events I went to... most were paranormal. :)

    @Jenny... Honestly, I think meeting Felicia was the highlight! I would love to meet you too! It would be a blast!

    @Savannah... Oh yes. You would have loved it too. Lots of romance. :)

    @Blodeuedd... I think you would have enjoyed it.

    @Rhianna... I know. I think there is a ComicCon in Denver too, but I've never went to one. It was lots of fun. Hopefully you will get to experience it too!

  12. OMG! I would have died for the chance to meet you and Felicia. Seriously, I would have been in heaven. It would have been better than stripping an hero.... wait, what am I say? :P

    Fun, fun pics, Mel. Thanks for sharing them. YOU rock my face off!

  13. LOL- that looked like fun!!

    Oh my gosh I would love to meet Kimmy Frost...;)

  14. And here I thought a romance convention involved women in period costumes ripping clothes off hunky men...and I was right! Normally, the Bloody Hell event would draw me in- but I've seen real crime scene photos and I have since learned I have a weak stomach for blood.

    So jealous of your weekend!

  15. They stripped a hero...and had him in a kilt! I think I may squeeze out a tear over that one. Okay, must put this on my list for next year!!

  16. Yummy, yummy. And loads of smooching there! She looks like she is having a great time with those 'heros' ;D

    Sounds like a blast! I wish I could have gone with you. Oh and all the great authors you met.

    Nicole Peeler is a blast isn't she. :) So glad you got to talk with her. Thanks for sharing all the pics!

  17. HOW FUN!! I would have loved to have gone to RomCon! ! Nicole Peeler and Sylvia Day will be here for AAD this weekend, too! Oh and Erin Kellison! I'm so glad you had such an awesome time.

  18. Oh WIN! THAT'S why you were looking for Felicia!!! LOL

  19. @Missie... aw... I know I wouldn't be better than stripping a hero. ;D You rock girlie!

    @Tina... Oh it was fun and Kim was so sweet!

    @Stephanie... You are so right! Oh and I am fine with blood except in a real crime scene...I found that out quick. :P

    @Logan... Oh you should have been there! You would have loved it!

    @Melissa... You would have rocked with Nicole. I would have loved to listen to your convo in the same place! :)

    @Pam... Oh I hope you get to go to AAD. If you do look up Felicia. She so rocks! And so do you so you both would have fun!

    @Ashley... LOL Yep. Found her! ;D

  20. The other guys name is Derek Hutchins. He's Jen LeBlanc's go to model for her books. She's always posting yummy pics of him over on twitter!

  21. What? What where they doing? OMG, they where undressing him! LOL> :) that must have been so much fun. :)

  22. Melissa so Felicia rocked your face off, she is a sweetie. I got to talk to her back in June at the Author Tea in Dallas area and it was one of my highlights of the day as well. So very nice to be able to "meet" the person behind the blog.

    RomCon is never going to be the same, you probably not only left out some good photo ops but some of the shenanigans as well but glad you had such a good time.

  23. @Lolarific... oh thanks! I remember now! It's just that they said Brooks name so many times I remembered that! lol Besides I wasn't trying to memorize names... ;D

    @Nina...*giggles* I would have loved to see you there being an audience partipant! That would have been so fun!

    @Jackie...I want to meet you too! Oh and yes I did not take photos all the time. I was absorbing so much there. :)

  24. This sounds like such an amazing experience- glad to hear that you had a great time!

  25. Way too much fun! And so happy you and Felicia were able to meet. ♥


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