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Andy McDougal and the Crypt of the Chimera by K. A. Richardson: Review by AimeeKay

Hello again, the crew of the Rusty Dagger and I are still sailing through the Arabian Sea. While we've seen quite a few sea montsters, we've yet to corner that dastardly Narwal. Melissa sent me a wonderful new book:

Andy McDougal and the Crypt of the Chimera (Book 1)Andy McDougal and the Crypt of the Chimera.
(Book 1)

By: K.A. Richardson

Link to Amazon Price $5.99
Summary from Amazon:
Book one in the Andy McDougal series -

When Andy begins reading the new thriller Crypt of the Chimera, he is drawn into a nightmare far worse than the books he reads for thrills. Locals from his grandparents’ farm community are vanishing, and Andy suspects it's the creature from the book. Its up to him to learn if his suspicions are true before it’s too late.

Coming Soon:

Book 2 - Andy McDougal and the Beast from the Bestiary
Book 3 - Andy McDougal and the Revenge of the Twins

No, this is not an adult book, yet it's not a little kid book either. I'd say geared more towards middle school/junior high age children, maybe even as low as 4th or 5th grade in interest level. But some parts may be a bit too scary/creepy for the younger ones. (Yes, I regularly read kids books. I figured out early on it is a great way to see what my kids are reading and what is influencing them.)

As the title says this book is a the beginning of a series, and a very good beginning at that. Andy McDougal has lots of mysteries in his life. What happened to his classmate Donnie who disappeared? What's his Gramma hiding in the chest in the attic? More importantly will he be able to avoid being killed by the school bully Hugh Dinkley, or at least hold him off long enough, so he can finish reading Crypt of the Chimera?

Andy is an average middle-schooler. He loves to draw and he loves to read Ian Warwick's books, despite his father's disapproval of these hobbies. Andy is even able to combined them when the publisher of The Crypt of the Chimera offers a contest for young artists to illustrate the next copy of the book to be printed. But Donnie could draw too, and he disappeared. Plus ever since he began reading the new book strange similarities between it and his daily life keep occurring. The biggest of these is the chest in Warwick's book that is identical to the one in his grandmother's attic.

I liked this book, it was entertaining, and I am looking forward to the next book in the series. This is the first book, and it is a mystery, so there were quite a few unanswered questions at the end, but I think it was a strong start. I also think it is a great read if you are looking for a book to help encourage a younger reader, especially one who isn't too into puppies or kittens. Or one who might not be interested in some of the more serious middle school classics. As I said before it's not for very young kids, people go missing and get turned inside out, so please keep that in mind if you have a young person in mind to give it to for some summer reading. It also comes in paper-back so if you don't feel like handing over your e-reader you don't have to. (I personally am already planning to order it for a few children I know.) Even if you think it is a bit out of your age bracket still, I encourage you to read it too. Compared to some of the other things I've read lately it was a nice change of pace, but still kept me interested in seeing where the story was going and how it was going to turn out.

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  1. It sounds cute and scary ;) Well for that age. I do think I would have liked it back then

  2. A lovely, relaxing read it seems, thanks for a great review. Sometimes I indulge myself and read MG but less and less so...

  3. Now this really appeals to me, to have a story about a Chimera is something just a little bit different.

  4. I read kids books too, Aimee Kay. But I can't use my son as an excuse since he's 16 and when he reads, he seems to prefer adult sci-fi. This one sounds like it may make a nice change from the thrillers I've been reading lately.

  5. I don't read many middle grade books... They just don't appeal to me. But this doesn't sound too bad!

  6. I' ve read a few middle grade books. I'm always looking to collect some good books for my son. Love the sound of the book!

  7. Great review. I don't usually read MG books but this sounds like an entertaining read.

  8. I like MG reads, seriously some of them are very fun and cool. This sounds really good.

  9. sounds alright for those of us young (at heart) too ;-D

  10. methinks, narwal will make an appearance this evening...

  11. Nice review. I'm always looking for middle school books for my son and a friends son. Although the boys are growing so fast... But these sound like fun reads. :) Thank you!

  12. @StephanieD-I'm lucky my boyfriend has younger kids, so I can always say I'm reading it because of them too. Should be able to draw that excuse out for awhile. lol but my 14 year old started reading it on a whim and now wants to get the rest in the series.

    To everyone else, thanks again for your lovely comments, :)

    *EEP* The Narwal's gonna make an appearance? Well I best be going then!

  13. Thank you for the kind review!
    The second edition in the Andy McDougal series will be available shortly. Building the page this week on amazon for the kindle edition. The cover (2nd image) is entered as a customer upload. Paperback will follow in about 3 weeks.


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