Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Book Boyfriend(s)

Since I haven't had a book boyfriend for a bit, thought I'd step it up and add 2!! ;D Got them both from the same book:
Devil Without a Cause (Devil's Bargain, Book 1)
(review tomorrow)

First up: A horny devil. ;)
Yes, he is actually the #1 fallen angel. The prince of darkness himself. Even though he actually loves misery and causing chaos... he actually fell in love. He let her go. Oops! Must be something left of the angel before he fell. Hm... I wonder.... Could he do more good deeds? Hey, this isn't the review... but a vision fest of man flesh. *ahem* So... who do I nominate for this?
Why, it's young Brad Pitt! I picked the younger version because he still had that boyish "who me?" look before he turned into a man. I think the Prince of Lies would work this look easily. Yep. I can see him drawn in innocents and not so innocents with this look. ;)

Now there was another character, Finn, that was quite interesting and smexy to boot. He was a rocker and someone who made a deal with the devil to gain fame with his music. He wanted to make music so much he would do anything (and did) to gain inspiration. My nomination for this damnable soul is:
Orlando Bloom! Oh I could see him as Finn very easily!

*ahem* Attention!
So, who is in your man harem this week. Yes, yes... you can go back to staring...


  1. hehehehe! Horny devil!

    And 2 boys this week? *shakes head* Naughty... Greedy, Mel. But I am really loving your choices for the devil and for Finn. Both are sinfully delicious. *giggles*

    Clearly, maturity doesn't suit me.

  2. 2 for the price of 1! YAY! Both are very gorgeous but I like the sound of the Finn more since he is a musician. Now I must go back to staring at your new additions to your harem :)

  3. Mel is not greedy, Missie, she just takes into account the needs of her other partner in crimes :) I approve!

  4. Holy moly, that second picture of Brad is divine!!!! Awesome picks this week, I don't blame you for choosing these two. :D

  5. I've lost the ability to think coherently, give me a moment:)


    Okay, sorry, the young Brad Pitt and the shirtless Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom shut down my brain for a minute. *swoon* I think I need to be reading this book:)

  6. Yep I have a feeling that whole series I will be swooning over The Prince of Lies! :)

    Oh so excellent pics (and yep I meant the pictures LOL)

  7. OMG!*hyperventilates* Seriously, Melissa, those men are so deeply hot. That naked pic of Brad is making me melt. I MUST get those books *takes deep breath and licks screen*

    Geesh, I feel a little light headed. AMAZING picks!!

    In the Closet With a Bibliophile

  8. I do love Bloom so I am all for it :D

  9. LOL- I love Orlando...:)

    I like the sound of Finn too...

    Brad Pitt (in that last pic) looks like hes having fun or gas cramps.....


  10. I'm salavating over here Melissa! I must look again! *Glues eyes to picrtures*

  11. Wow, devil's and fallen angels sure are popular right now! Makes me want to be a naughty Catholic girl and throw away my up bringing!

    Young Brad Pitt is swoon worthy sexy, indeed!

    Sounds like a book I need to add to the TBR pile stat!


    Check out mine if you get a chance!

  12. Brad Pitt is in Glasgow filming right now and I was just saying I wasn't that keen on him then I saw that second picture. I've changed my mind. Gorgeous. I enjoyed the book too.

  13. Me likey! (going back to staring at those pics of Orlando now.)

  14. Very very nice picks this week. I have to admit... I have a think for long haired Orlando, with a goatee. ;D Mm, mm, mm. ;D Great picks and I like Brad as the younger version too. Thanks!

  15. I like that last picture of Orlando Bloom! Yummie!


  16. *drools*

    Yes... that's about ALL I'm capable of right now! Oh my GOD... I'm fighting the urge to moan aloud right now! YUM!

  17. Let me get a hanky 'cause I'm slobbering all over myself.

  18. U really can't go wrong w/ Brad and Orlando! nuff said lol :D

  19. Brad Pitt who? Seriously, I don't understand the appeal of him... Orly on the other hand? Yes please! ;)


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