Thursday, August 23, 2012

Don't Fear the Reaper Read a Long: Week 4

Questions Week 4 
Chapters 17-21 
Questions from by Rainy Day Ramblings

1. One of my favorite aspects of this book are the witty snippets at the beginning of every chapter. I especially like the t shirt quotes. My favorites are:


Sarcasm. Only one of the services offered.

Do not disturb. Already there.

What is the funniest t shirt or bumper sticker you have encountered? If you had a t shirt that best described you what would it say?

One of my fave shirts says: "Zombies like me for my brains". However if I had one that described me best, probably it would just say "Lunatic Asylum Patient".

2. Charley is constantly helping ghosts throughout the book. Would you like to be able to talk to ghosts and bring closure to their loved ones? How would you feel about all the ghosts popping up at all times day or night? Would you like to have a ghost like Mr. Wong in your house? 

No, to Mr. Wong. Aunt Lillian might be fun on occasion tho...

No, I don't think I would like to do that. Especially if they were to "pop" in on you at any time. If I had to do it, there would be some ground rules...

3. Kim reveals some rather shocking and sad details about Reyes' past. Do you agree with her decision to adhere to her promise and not intervene? Would you be willing to keep your word and let a loved one die if it was their wish?

I don't know. I mean in Reyes's case, it may be worse to have let him linger even if you thought he was just human. The bullet went through his brain and he may not ever be able to have gained consciousness. There are worse things than death. It really depends on the circumstance. Of course, Reyes isn't human... ;)

4. In Chapter 19 Charley confronts the bad guy and finds herself in yet another situation where she gets her ass kicked. Do you like the fact that Charley consistently ends up getting her butt handed to her? What are your overall thoughts on Charley?

No I don't like it, and I really think she should be taking lessons on how to kick arse much better. :) However, it makes sense in the story. I like Charley. We should become gal pals... I'll make a pot of green chili, she can introduce me to Reyes... *sigh* uh what was I saying? ;)

5. Chapter 20 is a big, hot, smoking chapter. We finally get some answers on Reyes. Does the revelation change your opinion of him? Do you think he can overcome his "nature" and be a good person or is Charley in big trouble?

If he has free will, he can be who he wants. I think he is trouble, but what a nice package for trouble to come in... ;D

6. Did you enjoy this book? Will you be continuing the series?

Um... let me think... YES! and YES! :D


  1. Yeaaah! love your t shirt name, would love the same now.

  2. As much as I love to read ghost books, I definitely don't want them around me either! Well, I guess it wouldn't be so bad if they were all rainbows and sunshine but the scary ones? No way!

  3. I love your answers. I want a t-shirt saying zombies like me for my brains, it's brilliant :) And Charlie needs learn how to kick ass soon

  4. "We should become gal pals... I'll make a pot of green chili, she can introduce me to Reyes... *sigh* uh what was I saying? ;)"

    Um. I want in on the green chili and Reyes-meeting party! Maybe we could invite a few other members of your harem too? *waggles eyebrows* Wouldn't want Reyes to feel overwhelmed by the two of us you know? I'd be inviting more hot men solely for his benefit:)

  5. I'm wish Jenny, I want to be in on the green chili and Reyes-meeting party! Especially for the green chili. Me hungry! Oh, and there is the sexy man flesh. I'll bring Curran.

    Ground rules...BWAHAHA! I would like to see you establish those. I will run and hide in the closet while the ghosts appear. *runs to hide...brings Curran and green chili with her*

    1. That was supposed to say "I'm with** Jenny". I'm a bit tired...and hungry. LOL!

    2. Um... you and Jenny both know that the green chili doesn't go ON the guys, right? Wait a minute... better not make it too hot... Ouch! ;D

  6. This sounds awesome. I loved it when big secrets are revealed about the characters. You can get a better of picture if who they are.

  7. What's wrong with Mr. Wong? He's the perfect roommate.... no mess and keeps quiet. lol!

  8. Yeah, the random popping of ghosts would cramp my style too. But meeting Reyes once in a while wouldn't be so bad. LOL!

  9. haha yea I like the zombies like me for my brains shirt. I wouldn't want ghosts popping in at ANY time lol Not while I'm naked and whatnot! Yes a lovely package of trouble!

  10. What no Mr. Wong!? You know your dogs would love,staring at him. Zombies like me for my brains! Love it..Lunatic Asylum Patient is good too! Reyes and a pot of chili sounds good! Thanks for doing the read along! So glad to have had you along!

  11. Mine would read: Sarcasm: the only guaranteed service :) (The rest are up to my whims) :)

    I love the zombies one and I know you are not shocked LOL


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