Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Demonocity by Royce Buckingham: Review by AimeeKay

Seattle’s local Demonkeeper, Nathaniel Grimlock, is lost at sea. In his absence, the demons have taken over the city! 
It’s up to his delinquent apprentice Richie and Nat’s two competing girlfriends to prevent Seattle’s destruction until he can find his way home to face the most powerful demon of them all.

Demonocity picks up right after Demoneater ended. Careful if you haven't read Demoneater there are spoilers ahead...so go read it real quick then come back here and read the review of Demonocity. The demons have taken over Seattle and Nat has gone hunting out at sea.

 I wasn't sure on this one in the beginning. I really didn't like Lilli in the previous book. She was annoying and just selfish. She seems to be rubbing of on Richie in the first few chapters as well. And I liked Richie so seeing him act like Lilli and not want to help contain the demons really got me annoyed at both of them. But by the end of the book Lilli had actually become slightly less annoying, and Richie had returned to being Richie so I was happy. Nat of course just proved he could be a tool repeatedly, and I pretty much hoped he'd at least get slimmed by something by the end of the book. (not killed mind you, just covered in garbage or something)

Overall I really loved this book and the previous one in the series. They were both fun and had a lot of action. I love how the author has worked the demons into the modern world. (Really would like to know what's up with those ducks though!Awesome but creepy!) I liked the characters he has created. Even Nat, although I don't think he is as good to Sandy as he should be and hearing his inner confusion over the two girls in both books just makes me think he is wishy-washy. I don't think he needs to be over the top romantic or whatever, that would ruin the story, but picking one would be nice.

I think both books are great if you are interested in a new series. (I haven't read the first one yet, but I am eagerly looking forward to picking up a copy.) Also the books are great for younger readers as well as grown ups. Plus there's more pics at the end of this Demonocity, just like Demoneater, showing the different places from the book. I'm hoping to get a copy of Demonkeeper and read it while I'm on vacation.

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  1. What age are these for? They look like kids books. But then you talk about relationships or liking both girls. I'm confused at who the target market is. They look Cute. Ducks? They can be very vicious!! Interesting book!


  2. These do seem so cute. Hah! Ducks! Those sound pretty funny!! :D Thanks again for reviewing them!!

  3. These books have the freaking cutest covers ever :) :) :) :)

  4. Awesome review! And you peaked my curiosity with ducks! LOL! I want to know whats up with them.

  5. glad your feelings improved, always difficult to have a character we don't like a lot. And like the other I really like the cover.

  6. Wonderful! Glad to see you enjoyed it over all. :) That is great. Thanks for sharing these as they really do sound like great reads. :)

  7. Ha - that Nate sounds annoying if you want him slimed. Very Ghostbusters!

  8. @Buried in Books- Age group? I'd honestly say they could be read from about early teen on up. (I'd let my 13 year old read them) I'm obviously no longer a teenager(I wish!) but I did get a kick out of them. Didn't actually see the covers or read the blurb til after I read the books. So didn't know myself going in what level they were going to be.

    @ Everyone else-Thanks for all the comments! Sorry it took so long to get back to you'all finally recovering from jet lag and a 9hr layover in Pheonix.


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