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AimeeKay Review: Succubus Rising (Telepathic Clans #3) by B.R. Kingsolver

The Goddess has plans for Brenna and Rebecca, and the Goddess has a wicked sense of humor.
Rebecca Healy is a true wilder, growing up with no contact or knowledge of other telepaths. Discovered by a Clan member on the streets of San Francisco, she felt like she’d hit the jackpot. Finally, she knew what she was, or at least she thought she did. 
When Brenna O’Donnell, long-lost heir of the O’Donnell Clan, and the strongest telepath in history, is returned to her family, she and Rebecca form a tight bond. Brenna has it all, looks, money, power, and men falling all over her.

Rebecca isn’t jealous, but it would be nice to find someone who would really love her and stick around in the morning. She’s intrigued by a handsome South American general, but of course, he has his sights set on Brenna. Carlos de Vargas wants more than love. His Clan has its back to the wall, and they hope for an alliance with O’Donnell. An alliance that would lead to war. 
The story began in The Succubus Gift and continued in Succubus Unleashed. In Succubus Rising, questions are answered and new mysteries are revealed.
I really enjoyed the first two books of the Succubus series, so I am glad to say that I enjoyed this one as well. Before reading my review however be forewarned that there are some definite spoilers in here so please proceed knowing you have been warned.

I really love the characters, especially Brenna and Rebecca. I love watching their interactions and their friendship. One of the greatest underlying stories of the books is the stories of their friendship. I liked that this edition of the series really let Rebecca shine. Proving that, even though she IS Brenna’s ‘Shadow’, it doesn’t mean she was meant to live in it. I think this helped to really show that their friendship is one of equals. Brenna has also completely embraced her family and the succubus life style. She no longer has the moral issues that plagued her in previous books and is able to stand on her own without second guessing herself.

On that note I want to comment about the whole Succubus/Telepath life style. While Brenna has her ‘soul mate’, she is NOT monogamous. This is a very significant change from your typical ‘soul mate’ romance. But Kingsolver has really made the romance in their world work. I’m not saying that I would want an open relationship *shrug* not my thing. But Brenna’s love isn’t twisted or warped. What she feels for the ones she loves is pure and simple love. The sex that she has that isn’t love related, and more related to her job or to her powers, isn’t made to seem sluttish, it is just part of who she is and the author again is able to make it work. I never once feel that she is heartless or cruel, everything she does is because of her gifts or to benefit those she cares for and for that reason, at least I think, is why I don’t think I look at her any differently than I would heroines who only have sex with their chosen ones.

I will say that there are parts of the story that bothered me, and they weren’t sex related. The whole relationship between Rebecca and her mother is the issue. Considering how the clan has been portrayed up to this point in the stories I really wondered why her mom let her be raised and hurt as a child the way that she was. I would have thought that if her mom had known what was going on she would have stepped in with the full backing of the clan and rescued her long before she was found as a wilder.

Despite my issues with that I did really enjoy this one. There are so many possibilities opening up in Kingsolver’s world. I can’t wait to see how Rebecca and Brenna’s journey unfolds in future novels. Also, and I have to put this in, the first part of the book had me really cracking up. I literally forced my boyfriend to listen to me recap it to him. It was one of those ‘Oh my God’ perfect scenes. I say read the novel if only for the first scene alone. Again there is a list of the powers and their definitions at the end of the novel. I hope at one point in the future maybe a side book can be written to accompany the novels that explains all the powers and where exactly their names come from. Since most are obviously named after the clans where the gifts are most genetically prominent, but maybe something explaining who the first recorded users were?

I love this series. Overall I give it 5 out of 5 stars, and this book I give 5 out of 5 easy. I think that this novel can stand on its own even without reading the previous books, but I recommend reading them in order so you can truly appreciate how Brenna and Rebecca have grown and evolved from their humble roots.


  1. I really love it when a series is consistently good and keeps me interested even in the third installment. I've never heard of this one, but the characters sound lovely and the humor is always welcome.
    I'm sorry that the mother-daughter relationship didn't work in what was otherwise a fantastic read.

  2. The succubus books often work that way, so it wouldn't surprise me, but good to know. I'm also sad that the mom/daughter didn't work. So glad that you are still enjoying this series. You really have me wanting to start it soon! Thanks for reviewing!

  3. AimeeKay, thank you. As a relatively new author, I'm still learning, and I always value the constructive criticism in your reviews. I'm glad you liked it!

  4. "While Brenna has her ‘soul mate’, she is NOT monogamous. This is a very significant change from your typical ‘soul mate’ romance."

    This would be a huge problem for me in this series! I like how you said the author handles it well and that there is an obvious distinction between the sex she has with other people and what she has with her soul mate, but I know the fact that she's not monogamous, however necessary it is given what she is, wouldn't work for me. That's a hot button for me personally and obviously won't be something that will bother everyone though, and I'm glad that was the case for you!

  5. it's great to see that the series is still so good. I think I have the first book somewhere, I'll have to try it.

  6. FIve stars.... I have not heard of this series but if earns high marks, it might be worth checking out. I am interested to see how the whole romance thing works in this world.

  7. I just read Kingsolver and thought about the other kingsolver

    1. My cousin does NOT endorse my books ... if she's ever heard of them ... ;)

  8. I haven't read too many succubus novels or series, but i think it makes sense they wouldn't be monogamous, after all they have to feed. Do you watch Lost Girl? Great review and so happy you are enjoying the friendship and characters development despite a few issues.

  9. I've never heard of this, but I'm glad you're enjoying it on the third installment; that's a good sign! I'm not the biggest fan of open relationships in books, but it sounds like the author makes it work here. Great review!

  10. I've never heard of this series but the concept sounds really great! I'm glad that it ended up being amazing!

  11. Glad you thought so highly of this novel. I'm not sure I'd be able to handle the succubus part of it, but I'd say I'd have to read it. If you say it's handled well, I believe you. The thing I wouldn't like is how Brenna is described as the pretty one. That has to be tough on Rebecca. I'm surprised the two can be friends. Great review!


  12. I like the fact that the characters sound so strong and I'm intrigued by the whole Succubus/Telepath thing but I'm still not convinced this is a series for me. Still, never say never, I may well get around to reading it someday.

  13. I'm not sure if I would like this one or not. I always have a problem with succubus and fey stories for some reason. It does seem like she treats the succubus storyline more as a matter of fact than as a ploy.

  14. Hmm, to be honest the cover sort of turns me a away. Looks too fake. Still, I'm glad the story is not like that.

  15. Hmm, how have I missed the first two? Thanks for sharing about this one and glad I heard of it now. :)

  16. Thanks for all the comment love! You guys are the best.

    @BRKingsolver - I'm glad you like my reviews, 'cause I love your books! :)

    @Jenny- I understand completely what you mean. I have a few deal breakers myself when it comes to reading too. At least now you know ahead of time so you don't get something you wouldn't enjoy.

    @Kimbacaffeinate- Don't watch Lost Girl, but I'm always looking for new series to get into, so thanks for the suggestion.

    @Buried in Books - I guess I don't really notice the comparison between Brenna and Rebecca. (I don't read review book blurbs usually until after I'm done the book) But there's so much more to Rebecca and Brenna's relationship and to Brenna as a character besides her looks that it makes sense when you read it why they're so close to each other.

    Thanks again to everybody for stopping by and all the comments!


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