Saturday, February 12, 2011

On My Wishlist... VD edition... ;)

Angels of Darkness by Meljean Brook, Sharon Shinn, Ilona Andrews, and Nalini Singh
TBP: Oct. 2011

I have such cover love for this one. I love the idea of putting the wings on the arms instead of being extra appendages. 
I really want to get a taste of series I haven't quite yet been exposed! Mmmhmmm. ;)

Drink Slay Love by Sarah Beth Durst
TBP: Sept. 2011
From Goodreads:
What happens when a vampire is stabbed through the heart by a were-unicorn? She suddenly develops a very inconvenient conscience. Oops.
Okay, I know this has to have a PNR element to it. Were-unicorn? Love in the title? I have to know! :D
 Dark Awakening by Kendra Leigh Castle
PBP: June 28, 2011
From Goodreads:
Enter the world of the Dark Dynasties . . .  
For centuries, shapeshifting vampire Tynan MacGillivray has prowled the night as an outcast, valued only for his ferocious hunting skills. When a feud among the immortals escalates into all-out war, he is ordered by his ruthless queen to locate a Seer-a human woman with a special gift-who can secure victory for their clan. Ty's search leads him to a quiet New England town, but once he has the Seer in his grasp, her touch awakens within him a hunger like he's never known . . .  
Lily Quinn has always been different. Since childhood, she's had vivid nightmares and an eerie sixth sense. When a sexy, silver-eyed stranger demands her help, Lily plunges into a new world of danger and sensuality. With Ty, she discovers sizzling passions she cannot deny and powers she cannot control. Soon, it is clear that Lily is much more than a Seer-she holds the key to ancient secrets and unthinkable destruction. But will a vampire's vow of eternal protection stop these evil forces . . . or unleash her dark destiny?
Okay, your turn... what are your possible PNR wishes? ;)


  1. I haven't heard of Dark Awakening buit I like the sound of it - another won for the never-ending wishlist! :)

  2. I wish PNR didn't exist. Does it count? ;) Yours are dripping of dark blood btw - don't forget to clean the floor afterwards! ;))))

  3. I want that first one, and that 2nd one looks interesting too.

    For me it would be the next Iron seas book this week :)

  4. Great minds think alike! We both have Sarah Beth's new book on our wishlist...!

  5. Okay, don't get mad at me but I thought of something else when I saw "VD" on the title and was relieved when I read the rest of your post. Whew. I share your cover love for Angels of Darkness. Simply stunning.

  6. @Mel,Heh.. I know what you mean! :)
    @anachronist AH... my cynic! At least it's bloody for ya! ;)
    @Blodeuedd... me too!
    @Avery... yep. ;D
    @Stephanie... that was intended... *evil laugh*

  7. I been looking At the Angels of Darkness book too- I admit the cover got my attention.

    As for the second a wereunicorn now that has to be a first lol I may have to get it just to see what the heck that is about.

    On Our Wishlist

  8. I like the idea of wings on the arms as well. Meanwhile, have you ever dreamed of flying? (In my dreams, I have no wings at all ... do something like the breast stroke and fly completely feather-free.)

  9. I'm late posting my wishes because I'm slammed with research for a paper. These wishes are from January. Come see what I'm wishing for.

  10. I must be a little warped, because that second cover is making me seriously thirsty. Doesn't it look really wet? I'm blinded by the cover gorgeousness of your picks, they're all beautiful. :)

    My Wishlist

  11. @BLHmistress.. I know I'm curious about the were unicorn too!
    @Vamchoir... oh yea. Love flying dreams.
    @Pussreboots... went to your blog!
    @Larissa.. thx!
    @Barbara... na, you are fine. Or... I'm warped... ;)
    @Chas... thx! I know you have at least 2 of these on your blog! Great minds and all... :D

  12. VD edition? *ponders*

    And a were-unicorn? Weird and wow! Never heard of that. Guess anything is possible.

    And do you really want to know my PNR wishes? ;)

  13. VD edition! HA! I'm with you on the Angels of Darkness anthology, some fabulous authors in that one:) In terms of PNR I'm also wishing for Lover Unleashed (love those Brothers) and in the very near future This Side of the Grave:)

  14. @Missie... bwa ha ha... I think your book boyfriends give me a hint. ;)

    @Jenny... I'm behind on the BDB books! Oh and I'm SO with you on TSOG!!

  15. The cover of Angel of Darkness is fantastic O_O

  16. Okay, you are toooo much today. This list is very dangerous. Now I have to go reshuffle some and think on these books. Angels of Darkness just sounds tooooo cool. And that cover is great yet wierd. Are his wings growing out of his arms? That's what it kind of looks like and for them to be bent the way they are, they have to be out of his arms. Hm. I think I like that idea!

  17. @Samita I know... I love it too!

    @Mel... bwa ha ha ha... ;)


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