Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CSN Teaser

So, did you watch the big game? Root for a team? Just root for the commercials? Didn't care for any of it because you just wanted them to play Glee?

Well, for any reason you want to enjoy your entertainment. Hopefully you have a new LCD TV and, of course, don't forget the LCD TV stand to go with it... but which one would you choose? My ideal?
Well, that and the room to go with it, of course. Hm... I wonder... could this just be another teaser for what is coming around the corner? I wonder... ;)


  1. I certainly wouldn't mind having that whole setup. Though if I did, I might not get any work or reading done because I'd be on the couch in front of that tv glued to the screen:)

  2. What game? lol. That tv looks pretty good.

  3. Dear Melissa,
    Please stop being a booger and let us know what is the dealio. I have no patience...


    No seriously though, I am really intrigued! First there was the puzzle rug and now this?!? (Unless I am missing out on some of the other posts). How are these all related? ;)

  4. It's like your evil laugh is ringing in my ears.


  5. Pretty impressive...now if only I had the right size LCD TV to go with it.

  6. If you have a chance visit my blog to see a fabulous (but dead) VD...

    Great furniture and a big TV set! I would buy that one too!

  7. Hmmm, nice tv stand. :) I think I could fit some books on thata. ;D Can't wait to see what you have planned.

  8. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha *deep breath* haha haha ha ha ha ha! :)

    Stay tuned kiddies to the 18th!


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