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Healing the Highlander by Melissa Mayhue

Healing the HighlanderFrom Goodreads:

ANDREW MACALISTER longs for a cure to free him from the excruciating pain caused by an old wound, but when he rescues a drowning woman, he has no idea how much his life is about to change. All Drew knows is that this mysterious woman is hiding secrets—and that he’s never felt such a consuming desire before. Yet he cannot deny her request for help, even if it means bringing the detested English army to his Highland clan’s home. 
LEAH NOBLE MCQUARRIE still harbors a deep hatred of the Fae who tortured her eleven years ago, forcing her to escape back in time to the thirteenth century. A descendant of the Fae, Leah denies her heritage and her magical healing abilities. But the English army is holding her beloved adoptive grandfather captive, so Leah must seek help from the Fae—and the captivating man whose touch she craves.
Then Drew discovers Leah’s secrets, and he’s torn between old loyalties and trusting a woman who has the power to give him the future he’s sought—but could destroy his clan forever. . . .
This is actually the 7th book in the Daughters of the Glen series. I had not read the other 6, and although I had heard of Melissa Mayhue (great first name, btw) I had not read a book of hers. It was not necessary to have read the others in this series to enjoy this book. You could jump right in because it is a book that stands alone. You do get a hint that there were back stories to the other ladies of one of the keeps, but it still did not distract from the enjoyment of this story.

I'd have to say honestly that I didn't quite care for Leah at the beginning. I thought her to be a bit spoiled and selfish. Even though it was stated that she went through something horrific in her past to explain her hesitation, but I didn't connect to that until the story progressed. Then, I did find myself liking her especially at the end when she found her courage and finally stood up to people who where trying to control her destiny. In some ways I also felt the same about Andrew. I did like him from the start, but at other times his excuses for lying really ticked me off. However, when he realized what a jerk he had been, it was quite easy to forgive the rogue. Mainly considering he really wasn't a rouge at all.

I give this book 4 stars. It was a delightful PNR. If you just want something light with a good HEA, then I'd say this book is for you. It is predictable, but sometimes that is the charm of a light romance. I'm curious about Ellie (one of the sister's in law from the future) and I think I might seek out her book to read it. She talks to animals, so I'm curious (...although I'm not sure I'd want to know what my dogs want to tell me. I understand too much as it is!). :D

I was given this book from the publisher and no compensation was given for my review.


  1. This is a new to me author but this book sounds like something I'd enjoy. The cover is what actually caught my eye - I'm a sucker for a pretty cover :)

    Nice review!

  2. I've read a few of her books but have not had a chance to catch up on the series. I like the books so far. Great review!

  3. A great review, my friend loves ths author and is always encouraging me to read her. Up until now I've always declined but after reading your review have changed my mind.

  4. Hmmmm... It doesn't sound like something I would be interested in- but thanks for the great review Melissa!

  5. I haven't read anything by her but I do like light PNR, makes me happy :)

    great review!

  6. Nice review Melissa, I like that you were able to jump in with book 7 and really enjoy the story and characters (well not at first, but later) without being lost. Glad Leah manages to muster up the courage to stand up for herself at the end, I can deal with the selfishness in the beginning as long as she snaps out of it:)

  7. Who knows, I might be tempted - a HEA and a PNR...gotta love all these sweet acronyms.

  8. @Patti... me too. :) will probably like this one. Smexy highlander! :)

    @...Petty... thx! Nice compliment. :)

    @Avery... aw... they don't fall too quickly... lol ;)

    @Blodeuedd... YaY!

    @Jenny...She does, and I liked the way she did snap out of it!

    @anachronist... *faint* ;)

  9. Melissa is a really great name, and no I'm not biased!

    And how the heck do you do that? Jump in at book 7! Can't you be like normal people and develop a case of OCD?


    And I'd bet your puppy would have very interesting things to say about you....

  10. It sounds like it's a time travel romance and I love those!

  11. @Missie.. first... I answer your OCD question tomorrow. :D Second.. I would deny anything my dog would say about me. It's not true I tell you! It's not! *stamps foot* Oh, right... he hasn't really said anything yet. ;D

    @Stephanie... Yep, but the time travel is really a side issue, but it does make Leah's behavior humorous in the book. :)

  12. Hmmm, sounds like a good read! I like what I'm hearing, and that I don't have to read the other 6 books too. :) Thanks!

  13. @Melissa.. nope 'tis a stand alone, it be! lol


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