Friday, December 3, 2010

Lost in Blog by Anne Michaud

I was approached by an author who was doing something interesting in introducing a book she was writing. She asked me to either do a review of the blog or a book review on the blog. I thought the blog idea was very clever and thought you might like to hear what it is about and a bit about the author in her own words. So without further ado from me, here is Anne Michaud...

I just love a good book. I have my special blanket (I live in Canada, so it’s essential), a cappuccino cup filled with burning hot tea, put a little music on, and I’m gone for hours, immersed in another world. If it rains, it’s even more perfect. And then the last page is turned and sometimes – if I’m really lucky – I find out the author has a blog. So it doesn’t feel like the world has ended because I still get to catch little glimpses of the characters, people I’ve come to know through and through, who I sometimes, sadly, mistake for friends. 

Thank whatever god I’m a writer. I can spend hours alone with new acquaintances all the time – they’re in my head and I’m the only one who hears their voices (I’m rather shy, so I think lunacy is my best option). I like my characters with a little spunk, a good dose of loud-mouth, a bit of shyness and insecurity, severe depression and lots of confidence, maybe stupid and brilliant – not all wrapped into one, though. But like every good story, it has to end, and with the last words written on the page, their voices die.

So when I realized being a writer involved more than just being alone with my cats and writing –  or more accurately, I had to start a blog - I thought: ‘How can I keep my characters alive while getting my written prose out there?’ And then, click: I could blog about Livy Parker, heroine of my Young-Adult novel Rebel. She lives in a dystopian world where America faces daily threats of invasion, where kids are sent to fight in the trenches for their country’s freedom, and News has become a religion. It’s dark, it’s futuristic, and I love it there.

Livy’s living the prequel to my book, we follow her path toward Rebel and the choices which lead her to become one. I get to be friends with her, and now everyone can, too, even though she’s blogging all the way from the year 2297.


  1. I had a look at the blog, I must go back and read some more cos it looks really interesting. And I do have a weak spot for dystopian YA, it is just so good and scary

  2. This is SO cool! Dystopian is my thing, and the premise of the whole world sounds fascinating! Great post! :D

  3. Creative concept! There are definitely tons of literary characters whose stories I wondered about long after the book had ended.

  4. Great blog! Livy's Journal is a fascinating account of a young girl's life in a dystopian society. Great to read! I'll keep reading! Love it!

  5. Great idea, Anne. I love hearing from Livy! It's a great way to spend a bit more time with a character.

  6. Your journal blog is such a great idea :)

    And don't you just love listening to the voices in your head? It's a wonderful life.


  7. 2297! Whoa! Blogging will probably be extinct by then, like dinosaur bones, people will put computer on display at the museums and laugh at how out of date we used to be.

    The book premise sounds so good. Great post, and I love the Lily's Journal.


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