Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lookie What I Got!

Isn't it pretty? Chastity from Lovin' and Livin' Life Reviews made this beautiful mass paperback bj (as she would say, lol). It just came and I love it! The inside is a pretty purple with glitter fabric. I had to show both sides because the fabric is so unique.

Thank you so much!

And to everyone else... if you haven't visited her blog, please go and read her wonderful reviews. She has adult, YA and children's reviews on her blog.


  1. BJm LOL =D

    Not all acronyms work but BJ is easiest when typing Book Jacket repeatedly.

    Are you a photographer? You set up this photo so nicely. I might have to bite your idea!=)

    I am pushing to have a BJ giveaway every week so that's 52. I'm traveling for work until next week and then I will be like one of santa's elves working like mad! Luckily, I can touch and look at fabric all day and still not have my fill!

    Enjoy the duration of your Holiday season!!

  2. What is the m doing next to BJ. Oh well.... fat fingers!!

    Oh and I meant every week in 2011!

  3. Hmm... will have to think of a good one for the extra m. ;)

    I got the easels at Hobby Lobby cheaply. I had to get them for an art display and it seems to be working for the pics. :)

    Thanks again Chas! You and I will have to go fabric shopping one day. Wait... that might be dangerous for the pocketbook. :)

  4. OMG! It is so beautiful! Love it!

  5. Beautiful! I'd need that for any of those books with racy covers.

  6. That is fabric? It is so amazing! Slightly jealous... ;)

  7. Very pretty, especially the inside which we did not get to see! LOL

    This one is the peace and love generation fabric, you must be a closet "hippie" Melissa!


  8. If you look closely at the fabric, there are a lot of paranormal things going on in it (like mermaids and magic). So, I think it's perfect!

    I guess if peace and love is still hippie, I'm not in the closet. ;) lol


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