Friday, March 9, 2012

Hounded Read-A-Long Chpts. 6-10

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This weeks questions come from On a Book Bender:

1. In Chapter 6, Atticus goes hunting with Oberon and Flidais. What was supposed to be a fun hunting trip turned rather disastrous. Were you expecting something like this to happen or did it catch you by surprise? Have you ever had something that should have been fun turn disastrous or nearly disastrous? 

Well, the gods/fae tend to be fickle, so I wasn't completely caught off guard. Plus, you knew something was going on the minute Atticus changed into a wolfhound and sensed something amiss. And sure... I've had things ruin a fun trip. Usually it's an illness. :P

2. We are only briefly introduced to the witches (or, a witch) in chapter 7. What are your first impressions? How much would you trust the witches? Why? 

I wouldn't trust the witches in Atticus's world. Too much power and it is too easy for them to become corrupt from that power. I think I would err on caution's side as Atticus does. 

3. Oberon says, “With dogs you just go up and smell their asses and you know where you stand. It’s so much easier. Why can’t humans do that?” Do you ever wish there was an easier way to find out where you stand with someone (besides Oberon’s suggestion, of course)? In what cases would it be easier or better to hide your true feelings?

Hell yes. Oh.. I mean sure. LOL I think people tend to complicate the simple and simplify the complicated way too much. I am guilty of that as well. In what cases? I think when you know the other person is up to something and is trying to find a way to make life more difficult for you. That might in fact be the reason we can't just go up to someone's butt and sniff. Um... can I say ew? :D

4. Chapter 9 makes Atticus’ life much more difficult: the witches are in some way working with Aeghus Og, Bres comes after Atticus, and more trouble appears at the end of the chapter. Have you made sense of what has happened thus far? Any predictions for what might happen?

Sense as in that Aeghus Og wants to make Atticus's life difficult or non-existant. Don't know why yet Aeghus wants the sword. No predictions right now.

5. Atticus has had plenty of time to cultivate attitudes and ethics that would allow him to live a very long time. What do you think it is about Atticus that has allowed him to live for as long as he has?

Caution and a quick wit. I think he also has a finely tuned BS meter. I think that helps when dealing with the supernatural and the normal. :D

Hope you are having fun. The next set of questions will be from Smash Attack Reads


  1. I was definitely suspisious of Flin in the beginning, it only got worse once she tried to control Atticus...mean goddess...they can never stay out of other peoples heads can they? grrr..

    Lol...and Atty's BS meter is definitely fine tuned...and judging from all the female attention, that's not the only FINNEE thing about him *winks*

  2. "finely tuned BS meter" Love it. I seriously wish I had one of those. Maybe ass-smelling would help the situation some. And don't deny it has it's possible perks. I know you think so! ;)

    Illness sucks when you've planned something and it pops up. One time I went to San Diego and ended up with the stomach flu. It was HORRIBLE!

  3. "I think people tend to complicate the simple and simplify the complicated way too much."

    EXACTLY!!!! We always get in our own way I think. I know I complicate things that should be easy and turn it into this huge issue and my husband has to rein me in and be like "chill". I tend to work myself up into a tizzy over small things:) Not that I want to sniff butts to simplify, but there has to be something right?

  4. "complicate the simple and simplify the complicated"

    Guilty!!! And glad I'm not the only one. LOL Still, I will never forget the time my little cousin would pretend to be Ozzie's brother. He'd get on all fours then go around sniffing butts! Good thing he was little and couldn't really reach our butts since he was so low to the ground, but yeah, he was one odd little kid.

    And you're right, Atticus's BS meter is in fine working order.

  5. I think having a good BS meter is very important. I'm always working on improving mine. ;)

  6. "complicate the simple & simplify the complicated" brilliant.

  7. Yes, it drives me CRAZY when a friend is over analyzing her boyfriend. Everything doesn't need to be so complicated. I like to think things out logically, but some things just don't need that.

  8. Ahhh, yes the BS meter. A necessity of life. lol. Great answers!

  9. Love these answers! And yes!! Sometimes I wish I can know where I stand with people. Or even can tell if they are lieing to me or not. It would make it so much easier for me if people stop beating around the bushes!

  10. I like your answer to number 3. And, I think I'm probably guilty, I definitely over think things to the nth degree - and usually it turns out to be much less complicated than I thought!
    Lynn :D

  11. A finely tuned BS meter helps mortals and immortals alike :)

  12. Oh yes! A finely tuned BS meter! That's for sure!

  13. What I wouldn't do to have my own BS meter. It'll come very handy ;)

  14. Great answers, I especially like no 5 :)

  15. I love you darling, I really do....

    I am not sniffing your butt. I will let my dog sniff your butt and make the decision for me LOL

  16. Oh.... you all are killing me on this one. Sad thing is I have the first 3 books right here and want to get to them. Dang that darn time issue.


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