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Hounded Read-A-Long Chpts. 21-end!

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This weeks questions hosted by The Unread Reader!

1. In a moment of anger, Atticus reveals something about himself that he usually keeps very secret, for his own benefit. Has something similar ever happened to you? Have you ever spilled a closely guarded secret in a moment of excitement or anger or absent-mindedness?

Never! I've always been a mermaid, it's just that... oh crap...

2. Atticus tells Mrs. MacDonagh, "the universe is exactly the size that your soul can encompass. Some people live in extremely small worlds, and some live in a world of infinite possibility." Then he asks her what she is going to do with the new information she has discovered. What would you do if you found out that other beings were among us? Would you deny it or embrace it?

First, I love that quote. I'd like to think that I'd embrace it. I'd have questions though... lots of questions. Uh... wait... what are you trying to tell us??? :D

3. So far, Atticus has revealed a few of his powers and has even shared some power by putting bindings on Granuaile. What do you think has been his coolest or most helpful power so far?

I think drawing strength from the earth itself. He heals and is given his powers from that energy. Most useful power and I do believe one of the coolest. I'd so have those tats if I could do that. :)

4. Atticus gets pretty pissed when he finds out that Aenghus Óg is drawing power from the Earth and, in turn, killing it. That's when Atticus decides he must fight the old Fae for committing such a heinous offense. What is something you would fight for, even if it meant you might die trying?

The ones I love. :)

5. What did you think of the final showdown between Atticus and Aenghus Óg? Did it go down the way you expected? Was there anything about their battle that surprised you?

I didn't really expect anything because I didn't know how the gods/fae fought in this world. I was surprised that Laksha wasn't more involved. I also would have liked to know more about her powers in particular. I think I was also surprised that Bridget and Flidas were in on getting him to fight. However, it also made a lot of sense given who and what they were.

6. What was your favorite/least favorite part of Hounded? Who was your favorite/least favorite character?

Least fave characters were, of course, the witches. I didn't really feel that the witches were being coerced but were acting on their own selfish impulses. Not to say that Aenghus was fine with me, but you expected him to be a total jerk. :)

My fave parts were Oberon. I also had a tiny bit of a problem with him as well. He read too human than hound to me, but at the same time, I wouldn't change anything because it was too entertaining. :D

7. What do you think is coming up next for Atticus? Will you continue reading this series, and if so, what do you hope to see happen in the next book?

Hm... I'd like to see more adventures. :) More Oberon *gives sausage*. Love more of the widow. She just rocks. And yes, I do have the next 2 on my tbr so I will be continuing reading this series. :D

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  1. I fully expected you to say you would fight for your man harem. I think I am a little disappointed....

    I already knew you were a mermaid. I mean really that wasn't any big secret LOL

    Oh you need to continue them! They are fantastic!

    Oh and I think Oberon was influenced by TV. I blame all that dratted TV watching for his to human thoughts :)

    1. I would fight for my man harem... but not to the death. What would be the point then? LOL

      You knew??? Oh noes! ;)

      Hm... my puppers watch tv... (seriously) so I better be careful as to what I put on the tele. O.o

  2. A great and totally different way to a read-a-long, I've really enjoyed this feature.

    1. Oh and I hope you get to read the book! I think you might like it. :)

  3. Hrm..I guess that means your man harem is open and available? *wiggles eyebrows*

    I'd love for our favorite paranormals roamed amongst us. I don't think I'd get anything done. Ha!

    1. Uh... hells no! ;D LOL

      That would be cool... I think. You wonder what it really would be like. :)

  4. I always new there was something fishy about you Melissa....

    Hahahaha I'm cracking myself up today. It's Friday. I get a little slap happy on Fridays:) Also, if we're opening up the harem as Rummanah is suggesting, I'd like in on that action:)

    1. *giggles*

      Hey... no opening up of the harem! My and you thought "I" had a one track mind.. ROFL

  5. I agree with you about Oberon. I mean, the dog is smarter than me. He should have been more like the dog in UP. LOL

    And Jenny's comment... LMAO!!! Fishy indeed. :)

  6. I agree with the tons of questions thing. I don't think I'd embrace it until I knew everything about it. I'm sure I would annoy all the paranormal creatures around me but I want the facts if I'm going to have a mind-altering epiphany.

    1. I think I still might embrace, but I would be that annoying fly trying to figure out what is true and what is not. LOL

  7. Mermaid!!! Why does that remind me of ZOOLANDER? "Merman...*cough cough*...merman!"

    Yeah, Oberon was kind of human, but I'd like to think that was Atticus' doing. But, you gotta love his love of Sausages and poodles.

    Also, are we opening the man harem? I think that's something I should be a part of. Plus, mermaids can't claim any of the mean, let alone ALL. You've lost your grip! LOL!:D

    1. Okay... I never saw Zoolander? LOL Now I have to see it.

      I know... I think my boy has the same fantasy about poodles. Na, any female dog, me thinks. LOL

      NO! NO opening up of the man harem. *hides key in underwater shell* Heh... no one will find it there... ;)

  8. Yes! Keep reading! I just finished Hammered yesterday and it was SO GOOD. Though Oberon isn't in Hammered much.

    1. As long as Oberon is still there, I think I'd still like it. I will get to them. *shakes fist* I swear I will! :)

  9. No.1 - very funny!
    I definitely have questions, lots of questions! it would be rude not to and show a terrible lack of interest.

    Lynn D:

    1. Yes... yes.. it was all a joke!

      *looks at everyones faces to see if I am now believed...*


  10. That mermaid line was totally cute. Yep loved ones need protecting. I hated the witches too. I loved Oberon, Atticus and the widow. I for sure am reading more too. You are right the ladies did an excellent job putting his together. Super glad I met you on the read along. Hope you will keep in touch, Melissa.

  11. *hides from possible spoilers*

  12. I've always been a mermaid LOL.
    I'd have tons of questions too, best way to learn i think.

  13. I wish I could say I knew about the Mermaid thing (Felicia knows too much). ;) now my fear of the open sea kind of makes sense.

    My bags are packed. Ready for more adventures.

  14. I think I need a drink b/c this whole post just lost me and I think it needs some refreshments for decoding. SQUIRREL!! *looks away*

    Good point on Oberon being not quite dog enough but I wouldn't change him for the world either ~ too freakin' funny. I go with Felicia's reason 100%!!!

    Keep reading, keep reading!! You won't regret it!!!
    -Kristin @myparahangover

  15. Dammit, Jenny totally beat me to the fishy joke. lol

    I'm so into this series now! Can't wait to see what we both think of the next book.

  16. Mermaid FTW! And Oberon is just the best.

  17. I am happy to report that I read this book and loved it! It was super cool! Can't wait to dive into the next book!

  18. I know this is all over and done with but had a pants week and not been able to read through peoples answers and felt I should.

    That was a fantastic quote wasn't it! You should definitely keep reading this series it is fantastic.

    It was great meeting you on the read-along

    Kate x


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