Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Book Boyfriend

You might be shocked... 
You might be amazed...

You might drool...
*wipes chin*
But I actually picked a man (sorta) as my book boyfriend this week!

It's Roland from Darkness Dawns by Dianne Duvall. 

He's handsome, he's immortal, he's a warrior, he's a gentleman, he drinks blood.. uh... oh well... he's handsome! ;) I don't want to give much away before my review (which I will carefully not spoil anything, so no worries), but it wasn't so much what he said... (well, there is one quote, but I fear it could give too much away, so I must *evil laugh* at your curiousity) it was how he treated Sarah. He was kind. He was sweet and honerable. He put her needs above his (she did the same, so it wasn't one sided or I'd be upset). 
As to what I think he looks like. Actually I don't like pulling pictures because I like to have a bit of an open mind in what these characters look like. I don't want to interfere with anyone else's image. 
There is this one scene at the beginning that involved nothing but a towel (no, I won't say why *evil laugh*) but I saw this on someone's blog...
..and of course anyone who follows KMM Fever series is familiar with this pic...
Yea... thought so. Do I need to hand out the drool bibs now? 
...and your book boyfriend is?


  1. Yes... bib please. Make sure it wraps fully around my neck because i am drooling big time!!!!

    I am super excited for Darkness Dawn and like you I like to keep my mind open as to the characters looks. In fact, that's why I love the cover.

    =) This meme is so much fun when you do it.
    Thanks for the man candy.

  2. Oh dreary dreary me...your idea of a book boyfriend telling a lot about your nighttime fantasies but not very bookish. *evil grin all the time.* Now it comes, an anachronistic question. Tell me my dear granddaughter, is this Roland of yours at least intelligent?

    Fun is good but intelligent fun is better - I, your grandma, would know the best.

  3. I'm definitely thinking about reading this book now...he's.... he's beautiful. :)

  4. ALRIGHT!! This is just to much hotness this early in the morning. I keep glancing over my shoulder making sure noone is seeing me look at this....:D lol

  5. Oh my! I think he could definitely come home with me :) I think I am going to have to check out this author, I haven't heard of her!

  6. Gawd! All I want to do is grab that towel off him and run away.

    I must find out more about this Roland! Thanks for putting blush on my face this morning. I needed it for work. ;)

  7. Not physicaly my cup of tea - I can imagine he wouldn't make it past a window, let alone a mirror, without looking into, admiring the, err, view.

  8. OO goodness. Yea great pick. It's nice to be able to rotate. Just don't tell my hubby

  9. You are killing me here Melissa, look at those towels! So precariously hanging there, the slightest tug and *falls over drooling*:) Can't wait to meet Roland, and I'm very much looking forward to your review!

  10. I think I'm speechless and drooling. I can't help but keep staring!

  11. I hadn't heard of this novel, though, jesume if it starts with a guy in a towel it can only get better!

    I think I need to go scouring my shelves to see if any of guys I like are shirtless long enough for me to take its definitely take advantage XD

    My book boyfriend, Ash Redfern

  12. Thanks for putting this on my radar! I'm looking forward to some time with this book! :)

  13. Hey... back off ladies! ;D

    The book will be published Feb. 1 and I'll have a blog post and giveaway with the author!! Woo!

    @Chas... hee hee... I'll make it a full body suit bib for ya. ;)
    @anachronist... oh yes... intelligent too. I mean who else but an intelligent person not be selfish (be it man or woman)? :)
    @allstarme... it is a good PNR
    @Tina... just say it's research... and essential to some secret project you are working on... ;)
    @Felicia... it's almost published!
    @Missie... Hey! back off girlie! ;D
    @...Petty... I don't mind him checking out himself in the mirror. I'd be checking out his, uh, hiney while he's looking... ;)
    @Cleverly Inked... lol
    @Jenny... *picks you up and hands towel*
    @Lisa... *hands Jenny's towel to you*
    @Lexie... ALWAYS take advantage. ;D
    @A Simple Love... I think you'd love the book!

  14. Great bookboyfriend! I have to play along one day cos there are so many good ones out there

  15. Can he be my book love slave instead???

  16. I've had a very long day but seeing those pictures has cheered me right up! :-) Yum!

  17. @Blodeuedd... yes! I wanna see yours!
    @Stephanie... No. :)
    @Mel... Glad it made you smile. :)

  18. I drooled. A lot. Missie is cruel for starting this feature, and you're cruel for participating!

    Gahhh love it. it bad that I want to lick his abs?

  19. Please pass me a bid after those pictures. I really need to read this series. Roland sounds delictious :)

  20. Yes, I'm drooling and swooning! I like your book boyfriend. You're website is great! I love your header :)

  21. @Melissa.. yes, it's bad. j/k. ;)
    @Larissa... yum, indeed.
    @Nic... *hands bib*
    @Julie... thx. :)

  22. How did I miss this post?! I would have picked my book boyfriend too :P

  23. This is a wonderful post! lol. Oh and those photos... *searching for kleenx box*

    This sounds like an amazing book boyfriend. ;) Thanks for sharing!


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