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A Brush of Darkness by Allison Pang

A Brush of DarknessTBP: Jan 25, 2011 TODAY!
From Goodreads:
The man of her dreams might be the cause of her nightmares.
Six months ago, Abby Sinclair was struggling to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. Now, she has an enchanted iPod, a miniature unicorn living in her underwear drawer, and a magical marketplace to manage. But despite her growing knowledge of the OtherWorld, Abby isn’t at all prepared for Brystion, the dark, mysterious, and sexy-as- sin incubus searching for his sister, convinced Abby has the key to the succubus’s whereabouts. Abby has enough problems without having this seductive shape-shifter literally invade her dreams to get information. But when her Faery boss and some of her friends vanish, as well, Abby and Brystion must form an uneasy alliance. As she is sucked deeper and deeper into this perilous world of faeries, angels, and daemons, Abby realizes her life is in as much danger as her heart—and there’s no one she can trust to save her.
This is the first book by Allison Pang and she starts right off with a bang! You come into what seems the middle of the story (so I'm hoping for a prequel!) but you are not lost. Abby is still reeling from her mother's death in a car accident and her inability to absolve herself. She finds herself a touchstone (a person who helps those in the other world live in ours) of a powerful elf, Moira, and just trying to feel her way though the maze of manipulation. Brystion, an incubus, comes by to talk to Moira and ends up making himself an intimate part of Abby's life. For Abby, things just start to really unravel from here as she discovers that Moira just didn't take off on business... but she is missing.

I loved this story. However, I did not always love Brystion. For me it was love/hate/love/hate. In the end, I did not like him at all. That does not stop me from wanting the next book in this series. Maybe he will redeem himself in my eyes and I'll be on the love side of that arrogant incubus again. :) I also LOVED the unicorn in this story. Yes, the creature is still on the side of the light, but is anything but innocent. Oh, that little thing had me laughing and I wouldn't mind being a touchstone to such an ornery creature! He was just too "precious" for words. :D I also loved Abby, the main character. Having to push through her fears and deal with her own demons while trying to solve the OtherWold's problems you have to be strong even if she didn't believe she was strong. Often she was the one stepping up with the others floundered.

All in all I give this story 4 stars. Oh, I can't wait to see where this series takes us. I know it's not quite out yet, but I want the next one now! *stamps foot* *Ahem...* Sorry, got a bit carried away. Oh, and I can't forget my evil laugh... hm... I'll do it with a quote:

Brystion stood behind me, his presence raw and heated. It felt sexual, protective, almost suffocating in its power. 
"Christ, dude. Turn it down already," I muttered to him. "Or just piss on me and mark your territory and get it over with."
or this one:
I had a naked incubus in my bedroom. With a frying pan of half-cooked bacon and a hard-on. And a unicorn bite on his ass. Christ, this was turning out to be a weird morning. 
*evil laugh* Now, aren't you curious??? XD

I received this ebook from the publisher and no compensation for my review was given.

Btw, I found this pic that I thought would compliment this book. 


  1. Lol, I wanna read about the unicorn too! sounds like a fun book...except for that love hate hate guy

  2. Well if your review wasn't enough to make me want to read this one (which it was), those quotes would seal the deal. How can you not want to read more about a naked incubus with a unicorn bite on his ass? With bacon? SOLD!

  3. Blahahahaha! That is something you never expect to read, a unicorn bite on his ass!

    Abby sounds like a lot of fun.

  4. @Blodeuedd... that was part of the fun. Trying to figure him out. :)
    @Jenny... Bacon always a good thing
    @Missie... you got to watch those unicorns! ;)

    I guess the first quote is telling. I spend WAAAAYYY too much time with dogs. ;) lol

  5. I have been so anxious to get this book!!! I downloaded the Kindle version today on my Mac and can't wait to read it and meet PHIN the hornay Unicorn!
    And I love your Unicorn graphic!!

  6. Ha! I am totally stealing that Unicorn graphic for another blog post in a few days. LOL.

    So glad you liked the book!

  7. Awesome review! This books is on my Wishlist, hope to get it soon =D


  8. Oh my gosh so not a book I would read the girl on the cover is so freaky looking...but that picture was hysterical...HAHAHA...:D

  9. ooh, this actually sounds really good. I don't understand why books like this always have to have half-naked girls on the cover, though - it's really a big turn off for me, and I'm sure I miss out on a ton of books I might otherwise find great.

  10. You got me excited with the magical iPod…but there's a unicorn in there too? Your quotes did arouse my curiosity. Bacon and hard ons - quite a picture in my mind.

  11. @Pam I think you will like this one and especially Phin!
    @Allison, glad you could stop by. Hey, I stole that graphic first. ;) lol
    @Larissa... hope you enjoy!
    @Tina and brizmus... she wouldn't wear anything like that unless it was life/death situation. So, you'll have to forgive the outfit for this book.
    @Stephanie... what? Don't those go together? LOL

  12. Hahah enchanted ipod, and OMG those quotes!! I want to read this ;_;

  13. LOL, great review and great pic! I'm looking forward to this one!


  14. Ooo, I think I need this book! Sounds like a great read and you mentioned an Elf and Unicorn! I think I NEED it!

  15. bahahahahaha I love the sound of this book, melissa! and ps...that picture freaking cracked me up :)

    great review!

  16. I wonder how you pronounce 'Brystion.'

    Love.Hate.Love.Hate. sounds like an interesting journey to read!=)

    The image. Hilarious. Poop a rainbow- bwahahaha!! After reading Shadowfever I'm on a rainbow kick!

    Hey... Do you think the girl on the cover matches the character?

  17. @Chas... no. Her hair, sure, but not the outfit.

    I think you all would find this book fun. :)

  18. It does sound like one I would love to read. I've been wanting this one after reading the blurb some time ago so glad to have read your review!

  19. Sounds like a great read! You had me at magical ipod, but then sealed the deal with the unicorn!

    And mmmmmmmm....bacon! *L*

  20. @Chas, I think you'd really like it. :)
    @Alexia... Bacon... makes everything better. lol

  21. I agree. Bacon... Bancon... give me bacon!! LOL. I love that dog commercial.

  22. Love these excerpts! Unicorn bite? Yeah, I'd say a weird morning!

  23. @Chas.. LOL!
    @Alyssa.. no one gives a unicorn bite like Phin! ;)


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