Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Book Boyfriend

This is a weekly meme by Missie of the Unreadreader

My book boyfriend today is... ah... a bit different than most, I suppose. I just finished Iron Queen (review to come) and I'm sure you are wondering... am I on 
I'd really have to say neither. I mean if you follow these books, you already know who Meghan wants but who would I pick? Let me give you a guess...

Yes... I am aware it is a cat, but he is no ordinary cat sidhe. He's intelligent, always there when you need him. He's loyal and can be sweet when the mood strikes him. He is also very cunning and knows how to get those darn humans and fae to finally look around and take notice of what is right in front of them. He's Grimalkin!
And yes.. I'm still quite aware that he is just a cat. No, I haven't fallen on my head and damaged what little bit of branage I have left. This is what it is about... I am secretly hoping that Grim is either under a curse (after winning one too many favors) or it is just his alternate body. I mean he is fae and perhaps he is holding a secret even most of the fae are not aware. Perhaps he is really a handsome fae who just loves to yank everyone's chain by making them think he is only a cat. Maybe he's...
(artwork by Dan Dos Santos)
One can only hope, right? You never know what those fae are up to so, it's possible, right? RIGHT?? *looks pleadingly at you* I'm not totally insane... I hope. ;)


  1. haha fun post! I really gotta read this series.

  2. Melissa! You crack me up like no other!

    *dies laughing*

  3. I have bad news...your cat is not a fae, he is a fallen angel...and he fell because he was too ugly to fit and nobody wanted to look at his ugly face anymore...just kidding, don't throw anything at me, kidding!!!!

  4. MUST. READ. THIS. SERIES. Seriously.
    And I really like this meme. I must keep it in mind- I gots myself a ton of book BFs...

  5. I haven't read the series, but you make a compelling argument! Perhaps the author will surprise in the upcoming book...
    Reminds me of Puss in Boots in Shrek, sexily voiced by Antonio Banderas.

  6. Hey! Don't laugh at my bf! ;)
    @anachronist... don't make me sharpen my claws. *evil laugh* :)
    @Stephanie... oh, Antonio... nice.
    @Larissa... yes, swoon worthy, but I also like Puck too. Grim is just my fave. ;D

  7. You've got the most *unique* book boyfriend that I've seen all day! Love it!

  8. bahahahahahahahaha I love this post and, because of that, I love you!

    Only you would pick the cat...and for that, you win! :D

  9. @Melissa... lol <3 ;D

    Hee hee.. thanks everyone. :)

  10. The CAT? You crack me up! But also make a good case!

  11. Mine is probably not a popular vote, but it's always been Puck...


  12. @Alyssa... ;D
    @Kristin... I know there are a lot of people out there that love Puck. I like him too. :)

  13. Ah, you are so very clever. Could the cat be more then just a cat. Hmmm!?

    Fun post!


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