Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Look at CSN...

When I first got my sweet innocent pup (he made me say that) he destroyed my rugs. I kinda knew that would happen, but the joy he took in tearing them apart was a bit of a surprise. And... I have to admit... despite the fact I know I was supposed to be mad, it actually made me laugh. *bad dog mom*
Looking around at I came across their modern rugs. Maybe I should have gotten this before he came:
That way he could have taken it apart and put it back together while building his brain. Hmm... wait... on second thought, maybe that wouldn't be such a good thing. He's already too smart as it is! Can you believe what would happen if he DID get smarter! Oy!

Hmm... could this just be another teaser post? 
*evil laugh*


  1. That's a great idea! (The rug not making your pup smarter - I'm already nervous he is going to take over the world! ALthough maybe that wouldn't be a bad idea...lots of walks in fresh air, and treats...)

  2. I am not sure this rug would be appropriate for a pup - it could have eaten a part of it and have had some disgestive problems.
    p.s he will get smarter for sure, just wait and see!

  3. That might just be the coolest rug ever...

  4. It could be cool for those uber-hyper toddlers who love to destroy long as they don't try chewing on it.

  5. It could be cool for those uber-hyper toddlers who love to destroy long as they don't try chewing on it.

  6. @Mel... he wouldn't take over the world, he just wants to rule my world so I'll be his slave and give him all the treats he wants. ;)
    @anachronist I always made sure I was around when he tore up the old rug. This one he would probably make it into some sort of map for world domination. ;D
    @Avery... and scary too! lol
    @Stephanie lol

  7. I'm a bad dog mom too, I never reprimand them for destroying certain things because they're just so happy while they're doing it and I can't yell at them when they're happy:) I should get a rug like that though, Gatsby would love pulling it apart!

  8. CSN constantly amazes me with all the cool stuff they carry, and I can get lost for hours on their website!

    I was a bad dog mommy too, as how can you yell at them when they're so cute!?!

  9. In all fairness to my pup and me... ;) the rugs he destroyed were old and frayed. So, it was easy for him to get a thread and riiiiip! I did watch him and then took it away so he wouldn't eat it. So, that part I did good. *pats self on back* ;D

  10. Okay, now I'm convinced that the only laugh you are capable is evil.

    Once Ozzie tore into our leather couch, I just let him have it as his big chew toy. After a while it looked completely awful, but no use in crying over something so material when it made him happy.

    After we replaced the sofa, he seemed to have broken the habit, which made me feel so relieved, until I discovered that he had started chewing on the bed frame.

    In short, he basically lets me live in his large dog house as long as I agree to pay the mortgage. LOL

  11. @Missie too cute. *regular laugh* :D I've always been afraid of getting a leather couch when I have pups. Now that he's an adult, not so worried. :)


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