Friday, June 8, 2012

Married with Zombies Read a Long Week 2

To get the deets of this read-a-long, just click on the button above. This week's questions come from Ashley, The Bookish Brunette

1.In Chapter 6, Sarah and Dave raid Amanda’s apartment for guns… When they come out they run into their super, Mr. Gonzales, when he tries to attack Sarah: 

What does she hit?
A box that holds the fire extinguisher

 Do you have one of these?
Nope, don't have a fire extinguisher box. ;D

You could totally bash some Zombie brains with one!Show me whatcha got! If you don’t have one of these, then anything that you would find in a hallway of an apartment building! (good luck!) lol

2. In Chapter 7, Sarah and David are watching a news report of the zombie attacks when the doctor on TV attacks the reporter… The news crew steps in and starts bashing the zombie with a boom mike, grab the nearest similar object (whatever’s handy) that you would use if you were attacked at WORK!
Okay, I cheated a bit. My boy is not allowed this close to my comp w/o me *shivers*, but it is the boy if it's not my comp. ;D

3. Chapter 8… Amanda, Sarah and Dave are preparing to head out of town, and while they’re getting in the car, three zombies attack them! Sarah bashes one with the butt of her shot gun as instinct takes over, so whatcha got? You’re getting in your car, fleeing the city- zombies attack, no guns or knives… What are you going to use to defend yourself?? 

Zombies... bashing brains... hm.... how about...
A tree/limb trimmer!

Well, I do have to go to the garage to get to a car and the tire iron is actually hard to get to! I'd be a zombie meal trying to get the thing... so of course I'd look around the garage. ;)
Oh and there was one more comment from the peanut gallery:
4. In Chapter 9 & 10 there aren’t any zombie killings… That we could replicate!!! So, give me a couple of your favorite quotes from Chapters 5-10!!!

“Well, I guess we better go out with a bang.” He smiled before he dropped his mouth to mine and kissed me. (p. 77). 
Have you ever just wanted to smash a car? Or break a television? Or maybe burn a big fire in the middle of a city square? If the answer is yes, then you’d have some fun during a zombie infestation. It’s the little moments, you know? (pp. 92-93)
...zombieism breeds alcoholism. It’s true. Look it up. (p. 99)

Next week: Chapters 11-15 (June 15th) – Loretta at Between the Pages


  1. Funny. A tree trimmer could do some damage. Love your approach. I totally flagged the "little moments" and the "alcoholism" quote. Good stuff.

  2. Great ideas, now I'll be sure to know what to do if ever a zombie should make it past the fire extinguisher and the boom mike.

  3. Um those dogs are cracking me up!!! Love the tree trimmer idea....:)

  4. Tree trimmer, nice! Lol. I like that alcoholism quote too, so funny! But let's be honest, the whole book is funny :-)

  5. Love that last quote. Too funny. This sounds like such a fun book, and I LOVED all the pics with the dogs. Had me "awwwing" over here for sure. LOL


  6. Oh my gosh! Loved it! The dog captions are the best! A tree trimmer excellent choice. And you have a fire extinguisher...I am doomed. I think I would only use my laptop as a last resort....Happy Friday!

  7. OOH I love your answers and the pictures, it's amazing and really fun!

  8. Love the dog pics and your captions!
    I think you hurt some zombies with that tree trimmer!
    I'm not sure I could hurt my laptop either- maybe as a last resort with a zombie coming at me!

  9. Love the dog picture!!!!
    They are hilarious & cute.

    I hope you are enjoying the read-a-long!!

  10. My dogs gave up on helping me this week--they were like zombie shombie---give us some treats woman or we don't pose. Needless to say they won and didn't pose *evil laugh*--I ran out of treats.

    Tree Trimmer could be an epic tool but those suckers are heavy!

  11. Hehe - LOVE your "kids." Maybe they can graduate to becoming associate reviewers??

  12. The doggy commentary cracks me up every time. And the tree trimmer, that would kick zombie ass. I mean, imagine the reach and seriously, that blade is freaking me out and I'm not worried about it being used on me. I also think I'm like the only one without a fire extinguisher. That's prolly how I'll go...death by fire. LOL!

  13. LOL! Love the funny commentary. I have not read this series but I should fix that right away.

  14. Gotta love that peanut gallery!

    And yeah, I'd think about it three maybe even four times before I'd fling Macy (my lappy) at a zombie. She's got feelings too, and I wouldn't want to hurt them. Then again, maybe she'd be willing to take one for the team, but somehow I doubt it. :P

  15. Awww, those are adorable! It looks like little man is laughing at you in that picture with the comment about not being able to lift it. LOL! That is so cute! :D


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