Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blood and Bullets by James R. Tuck

He lives to kill monsters. He keeps his city safe. And his silver hollow-points and back-from-the-dead abilities help him take out any kind of supernatural threat. But now an immortal evil has this bad-ass bounty hunter dead in its sights. . .

Ever since a monster murdered his family, Deacon Chalk hunts any creature that preys on the innocent. So when a pretty vampire girl "hires" him to eliminate a fellow slayer, Deacon goes to warn him--and barely escapes a vampire ambush. Now he's got a way-inexperienced newbie hunter to protect and everything from bloodsuckers to cursed immortals on his trail. There's also a malevolent force controlling the living and the undead, hellbent on turning Deacon's greatest loss into the one weapon that could destroy him...
 This book is a gritty urban fantasy. As the title suggests, it does not skimp on the blood or the bullets either. There is gore, but a lot less than most zombie books. Most of the vamps go "poof" when they are killed like in the Buffy tv show. So I see a lot of vacuuming in the future of these characters. ;) Sorry, but my brain goes there when they keep talking about the dust the vamps leave behind.

It is told in a long narrative reminiscent of those old detective stories. I don't love this style as it always seems to keep me at arms distance from the character. However, I didn't hate it either. The book also has a raw edge to it I think a lot of males would appreciate. I think this would be a great book for those trying to get the males in their lives to read a bit more. And even though I see this appealing to males a bit more, the main character, Deacon Chalk is not without emotive capabilities. In fact he is quite emotional and it is to the character's benefit. It brings a lot of humanity to his character.

I should also mention a bit about the secondary characters. I knew that I would like Kat and Father Mulchy his "partners" in vampire hunting, but I was surprised that I really liked Larson and Tiffany. Two characters that had the earmarks of being annoying, but ended up being anything but that. There is also a werespider. Yep... spider. The only one in existence that I could deal with but at the same time never be in a room with (sorry... phobia *points at self*). I couldn't believe I really liked her. :)

I give this book 3 1/2 stars. It's a nice introduction to the series that really does put you at the edge of your seat especially toward the end. I can really see Deacon's character get more complex as the series evolves. Oh and those who love the genre of vampires will love a few sentences giving homage to characters you will recognize. Yep, this author did his homework. :)

Right now this ebook is on sale for $2.99 at Amazon.


  1. I want this book but to be honest the freaking cover gives me the heebie jeebies. He sort of looks like my ex-boyfriends LOL

    1. Um... *sits cross legged in front of Felicia*

      Story time!! :D

  2. I've had this on my review list FOR-freaking-EVER... It seems right up my alley, I just need to get to it!!!

    What types of guys has Felicia been dating?! I don't know whether to scold her or be wicked jealous and ask for the dirty details.... Just sayin. ;)

  3. A werespider? *shudders* I find the thought of something like that absolutely terrifying. Think of how big a werespider would be!!! That thought is going to haunt me now. Thank you Melissa ;-)

    Also, Felicia and Ashley's comments made me snort my soda. Win.

  4. I was wondering about this book, but I still don"t know what I'll do about it... I think I'll wait for the review of the sequel lol. thanks for the review!

  5. Well with a gritty title and cover I would expect lots of guns, bullets and blood....I am glad it wasn't too over the top manly for you. Interesting read I am sure.

  6. Cool book! For some reason, the cover is not catching me. Thanks for sharing.

  7. A "were-spider"? Not loving the thought of that at all. And then there's the vacuuming of vampire dust. I don't think that's a good idea. Think it needs to be buried. I can just see your vacuum bag coming to life with a blood sucker sticking his arms and legs out of it. Nope don't recommend it.
    Tell the characters to dust bust and dump em!


  8. I confess the idea of were-spiders really tickled me (and not because spiders ere crawling up my arms!). I liked that he didn't go down the obvious wolf corridor for the first weres! :-)

  9. First: LOVE your button! So cute.

    I don't think this series is for me. Gritty UF...ummm.. no thanks, but I'm curious about that narrative style. I'd probably wouldn't like it either, but it does sound different and you've got to give the author props for trying something you don't normally see.

  10. Honestly that guys creeps me out every time I see him

  11. Oh I do have this one sitting here, and really want to get started into this series. And that guys head still gets to me...genie crossed with the Rock. LOL! Thank you!


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