Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Book Boyfriend

Meme hosted by the Unread Reader!

This weeks book boyfriend is from Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout. If you read my review you already know who I'm going to announce. It's Aiden! *sigh* Yes, I am officially claiming him right now. All the rest of you... back off!

Now, who could I chose to be Aiden? This form of perfection? He has dark hair and beautiful eyes (of course I can't match his eyes especially when they turn silver when he is angry!). Oh and he is built like a god. Mmmmm... yes...

However, is that why I'm so in love with Aiden? No. It is his personality (trust me the package doesn't hurt either!). He treats all as equals even though he was taught differently. He is part of the privileged class, but never saw himself as such. He truly sees me.. uh, I mean Alex, as who she really is deep down. In fact when she finds out more about herself, he doesn't bat an eye. No jealousy, just loves that she knows more about herself. He also thinks about others before himself. Yes, he thinks of Alex's future and not on his immediate gratification. His biggest fault? He doesn't know how to have fun, but he recognizes it and is willing to work on that. I'm willing to help. ;D So, you are wondering who I'm going to pick, eh? Well..
Close your eyes...
Picture a hot male of your chosing...
and give him the personality I stated. 


Sometimes it's true. The personality makes the man. ;)
So, who is in your harem. Hands off Aiden! ;D


  1. Bahahaha that pic cracked me up. Nice work! Aiden sounds dreamy, I'll have to give Half-Blood a go ;-)

  2. These kittens are your newest addtion to your harem? Come on...Are your lovers so bored that they need pets? The other eventuality is beyond description so I won't mention it... ;)

  3. I think we've already discussed that our mutual love for Aiden is going to get us into a battle consisting of fists, hair-pulling, scratching and any other devious method I can think of to assert my dominance and drag Aiden away with me before you can pounce on him;) Maybe we can both help him learn to have a little fun? That's not meant quite as dirty as it sounds. But maybe it is...

  4. Um huh... I totally believe you when you say you like him for his personality. And I'm sure you'd show him how to have a good time. LOL

    Ah Mel... why do you always bring out my naughtiest thoughts? Wait...that didn't come out the way I meant. I better stop now.

  5. Mel! I was so needing some hotness dressed in skin. The kitties are adorable, though. I'm a kitty girl...I lovers don't kill me. Gosh, Aiden is going to have to be my next read!

  6. LOL! YES! YES AND YES! This guys totally runs off my radar! Aiden definitely left his trace all over my mind!

    And I agree with Missie, you always make me think naughty thoughts!

    LOLOLOLOLOL! Okay, that sounds wrong but you know what I mean!


  7. Oh I need to read it now !!! It sounds like a good choice !

  8. lol omg mel! you make me laugh! Loved this post and Aiden sounds awesome!!!

  9. I am SO dying to read Half Blood!!! Even MORE NOW!!! lol

  10. No man and instead we get kittens?! What is up with that? ;)

    But then I love kittens so i claim Aiden just cos of that

  11. @Belle... :D. I think you will love the book!

    @Anachronist... Yes, for you they are kittens. *cough* ;D

    @Jenny... O.o Oh really? *giggles*

    @Missie... I do! I swear! ;) And hey, exactly what did you mean?? 0:)

    @Jen... What??? No imagination? ;D *snort*

    @Savannah... NO! I'll have to erase that trace. ;) And I just have NO idea what you and Missie are talking about. *innocent look*

    @Melliane... Yes, do read it! :) Just remember Aiden is MINE!

    @Andra... :D *giggles* He is SO awesomesauce!

    @Ashley... Don't die! Just read it and remember he is MINE! Although... you might enjoy Seth more than I. ;D

    @Blodeuedd... What? I KNOW you aren't trying to claim my man!!! *tries to look tough*

  12. Are you sure you don't want help teaching Aiden how to have fun??? I'd be a very willing teacher...

  13. I'm sorry, I was distracted by you mentioning harems and book boyfriends together. Bad *yet genius) move, 'cuz now I'm picturing all the book i love at my disposal... hehehe...

    Now to Aiden (Back, dirty thoughts. Back, i say! i'll get to you, again, later!): you totally just made me awwww with that descript. he does seem really sweet!

    Here's PiF's

  14. Aw! I want Aiden. More specifically, I wanted a pic of a half naked Aiden. I guess my imagination will have to suffice. *sighs*

  15. If I read this book and want Aiden---your screwed because I fight dirty for a man with a great personality LOL :)

  16. AHAH! I love the pick it totally made me laugh out loud in the middle of my lecture hall :P ... And i have to totally agree with your statement about personality! Sometimes you need a bit of a personality instead of rock hard abs, and tight arse, lol. But those help as well :P Awesome choice this week! I have been wanting to read this series for a while and I think you might have pushed me to go and buy the first one, lol.

    My Book Boyfriend was a little late being posted, so if you have time check mine out :)

  17. @Stephanie... Back off girlie! ;)

    @Kira... *raises glass* Cheers to your newly formed harem! :D

    @Alyssa... You don't fool me... I know you have a great imagination! ;D

    @Felicia... Well, you can have all the mud you want. *giggles*

    @Jacquelynne....Well, you have to have a great personality no matter what. Otherwise they are just nice to look at. ;)

  18. I've been meaning to read this book for forever! Thanks for reminding me about it :)

  19. *Hangs head* I have yet to read this book yet... I need to meet these characters! ASAP!


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