Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mini Reviews of Sylph #1 and #2

He is one of many: a creature of magic, unrelentingly male. He is lured through the portal by pure female beauty, a virgin sacrifice. She is killed, and he is silenced and enslaved.

Such a dark ritual is necessary. Unlike their elemental cousins—those gentler sylphs of wind and fire—battlers find no joy in everyday labor. Their magic can destroy an army or demolish a castle, and each has but one goal: find his queen, then protect and pleasure her at any cost. What would a maiden do if she were given such a servant? What would befall that kingdom foolish enough to allow a battler to escape? Young Solie and the people of Eferem are about to find out.

This was a very interesting world that was created. In this world, the sylphs live in a alternate universe ruled by a queen. Not unlike bees. They are elemental in nature and the most coveted type of sylph to rulers are battle sylphs to make them invincible in war. In this world, women are seen as nothing but property, second citizens or slaves at best. Of course there are always dreamers in this world in which have a glimpse at a world where they might control the direction of their lives and one we come to know in this story is Solie.

Although this is Solie and her battle sylph's adventure, I actually found the secondary characters and sylph's more interesting. And to just make this a mini review rather than the bigger review it is threatening to be, I'll say that although the main characters were almost too juvenile for my tastes, I really had fun in this world and enjoyed the progression of the sylphs and the women into being free citizens... even if only in one area of their world. I give this book 3 1/2 stars.

Kidnapped by slavers, Lizzie Petrule was dragged in chains across the Great Sea to the corrupt empire of Meridal. There beneath a floating citadel and an ocean of golden sand, lies a pleasure den for gladiators-and a prison for the maidens forced to slake their carnal thirst.

Despite impossible odds, against imponderable magic, three men have vowed Lizzie’s return: Justin, her suitor; Leon, her father; and Ril, the shape-shifting but war-weary battler. Together, this broken band can save her, but only with a word that must remain unsaid, a foe that is a friend, and a betrayal that is, at heart, an act of love.
 This book happens a few years after Battle Sylph. The Sylph valley is thriving even and are learning how to co-exist with their sylphs rather than enslaving them. The world becomes more and more interesting as it becomes more complex in nature. This is also Ril and Lizzie's story and I was thrilled because Ril was one of the more interesting characters in the first book.

In this book Lizzie is captured and several people come to her rescue. Within this new world over one of their seas, Lizzie and the rest have to learn to survive in a strange new world. Because I felt this one was darker within the story, I also think it made the humor and the lighter times brighter due to the contrast. I have to say that this adventure almost drove me crazy. You wanted to know what was going on and it felt like it took forever to get to the big show down. The only reason I felt this way is because I just couldn't see how they were going to give me an HEA as the story kept becoming more complicated. I didn't see the ending until close to the end and it made sense. I give this one 4 stars. I enjoyed this one more than the first.
I was given both books by the author and no compensation for my review was given.


  1. I haven't read the first part so I am not sure about the rest but a nice mini review you wrote, thanks!

  2. ooh, scary covers - I hate eyes like this. Thanks for your thoughts on these two books. I know several of my friends have read and enjoyed The Battle Sylph so perhaps I will get around to reading it one day.

  3. Yay mini reviews, we've both got some up today:) I'm really intrigued by the sound of this world, and I'm glad to know you think the second one vastly improved upon the first, I think that's always a good sign for things to come:)

  4. I read a short story ste this world a couple of months ago (I think it was in the Midwinter Fantasy book...) and thought the idea was interesting, but was curious about the rest of the series! Now I know! :-)

  5. I loved this series, and yes, the anthology is the next story, you don't want to miss that one.

  6. I loved both of these books and I can't wait to read Queen of the Sylphs!

  7. Crappy world for women in that first book for sure, but hey I would like to read it. It does sound interesting, but I am leaning more towards the 2nd ;)

  8. It's nice you enjoyed the second one more than the forst one, maybe it'll be the same for the sequel. The world sounds intriguing, it's quite original.

  9. I love the covers of the book. The eyes really stand out. That is the first thing I noticed. Oh and I am happy to see that the second book gets even better. Thanks for the review!

  10. I really am intrigued by this series and glad for the HEA. It bodes well that you gave it such high ranks. But, I do like when a book drives me a little batty only to make up for it at the end, LOL! I think I will most def read this series!

  11. @Anachronist... hey, I'm unspoilery! ;)

    @...Petty... It's not scary tho! :)

    @Jenny...I think it was. I think the first was establishing the world.

    @Mel... I still need to read that book!

    @Aurian... I need to read it. I have to get that anthology!

    @Christina... Oh that review is up tomorrow.

    @Blodeuedd... I don't see you skipping the first tho. LOL

    @Melliane... I think it was pretty original. It was a curious world!

    @Savannah... I know... I also love the feathers in the second book too!

    @Jen...Well, it is a PNR so for me an HEA is a must! I think I'm always batty tho... ;D

  12. The eyes on the covers are freaking me out! And also the women as mere property part has made me wary of venturing into this world.

  13. @Stephanie... it's only part and I think you'd enjoy the outcome! ;D

  14. Seeing as how I'm quite juvenile myself (grins) I can't wait to read the first one! I bought it the other day!! :D

  15. This is one of thise series I keep meaning to get around to, they sound really good.


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