Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Excuse Me, but I Have a Bit of a Rant...

Most of the books I'm reading now are what are generally called, paranormal. I've always loved "monster" type of books as well as films as a young kid. I feel like I've recently had to do a lot of catching up in this genre because I didn't know so many great books were being produced. Why? Well, because most were placed in the "romance" part of the book store. That is a part of the store, I really don't visit.

Many of these books can also be listed under fantasy and/or urban fantasy categories as well. Now why are these books being placed within the category of "romance" when it is NOT the main focus? Some don't even have any romance within the book at all. It mostly consists of action and adventure. I hate to say it, but I really think it is true in this case. The reason you find so many of these books listed there is because they are women writers with women as their main character. Now, in the bookstores defense, I do say that many of these writers also write bodice-ripping romances, but their paranormals are quite different and should be treated different. 

Let's take one of my recent reviews, "The Circus of the Damned". It was practically all action and mystery and not much of anything else. In fact the only almost date the main character had in the book was cancelled. Yet, I have seen this book in the "romance" isle on-line. Male writers do not always just write about action and adventure. In fact their main male characters also have a bit of romance (not just sex) on the side. So, that is why I have to come to the conclusion that if you are a woman and your main character is a woman expect to be placed within the romance genre

Why does this all bug me? Well, for one, I missed many of these great books. In fact I had to find them because YA was coming out with some good paranormals. This then lead me to writers who write for the YA as well as adult. I've also noticed many other people are in the same boat as I. So upset for missing so many good books. Also, it makes it harder for men to get involved with so many of these great women writers. I have only seen a few, and those few really enjoy what they are reading. It just doesn't pass their radar since you rarely see a man in the romance section looking for paranormal adventure.

What to do? I'm not sure. This was only one reason I decided to start this blog. To let a few more people know about these great writers. There is also others looking for ways of getting these writers more out to the general public. I hope it succeeds. These are fun and great reads.


  1. Ok, you and I don't share the same taste in books, but I love the name of your Etsy shop, and I love Dobermans. I am a humor writer from Dayton. I know, nothing I have said here is remotely funny, but really, I am amusing in my blog

  2. Molly, they aren't all going to be paranomal (look down a few for a dog book) but admittedly most are. I also plan to do more than books, so keep a watch!

    Thanks for the head's up on your blog. I'm heading over there now!

  3. I understand what you mean. It annoys me because I am not big on romance so it is hard for me to find books I really like because they are placed in the wrong category. Also it depends on the bookstore. At the Booksamillion where I live they had one of my favorite series in the regular fiction section, which is pretty much correct. Six months later I see the books have been moved to romance. They are not romantic. They are bloody, violent, and have some romantic elements, but its definitely not a romance novel. I feel sorry for someone looking for a sexy romantic story ending up with a bloody action packed mystery. Same thing with Night Huntress. I read reviews of people who dislike it because it has too much action. In my opinion it belongs in scifi horror section or just plain fiction.

    Great Blog by the way :)


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