Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nice Girls Don't Live Forever (Jane Jameson #3) by Molly Harper

Nothing sucks the romance out of world travel like a boyfriend who may or may not have broken up with you in a hotel room in Brussels. Jane Jameson’s sexy sire, Gabriel, has always been unpredictable. But the seductive, anonymous notes that await him at each stop of their international vacation, coupled with his evasive behavior over the past few months, finally push Jane onto the next flight home to Half Moon Hollow — alone, upset, and unsure whether Gabriel just ended their relationship without actually telling her. 
Now the children’s-librarian-turned-vampire is reviving with plenty of Faux Type O, some TLC from her colorful friends and family, and her plans for a Brave New Jane. Step One: Get her newly-renovated occult bookstore off the ground. Step Two: Support her best friend, Zeb, and his werewolf bride as they prepare for the impending birth of their baby . . . or litter. Step Three: Figure out who’s been sending her threatening letters, and how her hostile pen pal is tied to Gabriel. Because for this nice girl, surviving a broken heart is becoming a matter of life and undeath...
Well, I loved the first 2 books and I was thrilled to read this book as well. This book can be read as a stand-a-lone, but really... if I can read these in order... so can you. Plus you really don't want to miss out on the snark that is Jane. I just love her character. We would SO be friends. :)

In this book Gabriel is a... well... snot (to put it nicely). I really wanted to give him a swift kick. Jane shows him the curb and I was happy that she finally stood up for herself. She also gave voice to what was going on in her heart and let Gabe know exactly what he did wrong. Now the every day adventures and romantic troubles were interesting enough, but you should know Jane by now. She has another stalker/killer after her and this one is Gabriel's fault. Now you get why I wanted to swift kick him. :)

The book wraps up nicely and it could be the end of the series. I'm so glad it isn't because I have really come to enjoy Jane and all her family and friends. Especially Dick Chaney. Oh in this one he has come into his own and is a great friend and romantic partner (uh, not for Jane..).

I give this book 4 stars. Oh if you love snark and enjoy a good LOL, pick up this series. You will love this take on vampirism.
I received this book from the publisher, Pocket Books, and no compensation for my review was given.


  1. Really? already the third, well now I'm sure you'll read the fourth before me lol. So happy you enjoyed this one as well, it's a great fun series.

  2. This one though is where Dick Chaney firmly stole my heart! You guys can have Gabriel---Dick and I (ignoring his obvious love for someone else) are going to ride off into the moonlight!

    Wait till book 4--Jane gets a teenager :)

  3. I have these books, but havent had a chance to actually reas them. Maybe I should. The cover just seems so light hearted, and I wanted more drama....where does this book fit?

    1. It does have drama and a mystery to be solved, but I think it shines with the humor. Does that answer? :)

  4. Ahhhh! I feel like I can't keep up with all the awesome books coming out. I've only read book one and you going through this series is making me realize I really need to pick up all the other ones. I love snark and I therefore love Jane:)

  5. Ok I skimmed, I dare not read it. I have to start reading this series soon..duh, make that book 2

  6. YAY! I need to catch up on this series! Lovely review Melissa!

  7. I love Snark, lol and vamps so I need to get this series started!

  8. You are on a roll with all the books you've been reading in order. I kind of don't believe it's really "you" behind the blog. LOL!

    I loved Harper's Naked Werewolf series, and I've been dying to try this series too. I think I could be BFFs with Jane too.

  9. Oh man! I need more time. Really! I want to get into this series. It sounds like so much fun!

  10. I so love snarky characters! And I love it when women are snarky to their guys when they deserve it! I certainly hope Gabe comes to set things right. I'm supposing if there is a next book he does. Another adult series to add to the list. Glad you started this one in order!


  11. While I don't know these characters I am glad that Jane shows him the curb and I was happy that she finally stood up for herself. Is it cliched for me to yell GIRL POWER? No? Good! I loathe when a female character becomes an absolute puddle for her male counterpart, so it's nice to actually hear of one standing up for herself. *Snaps* ;)


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