Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome to June!

Julie Kagawa's novella, "Winter's Passage" is published today and is FREE! Unfortunately, the regular haunts do not list it as free (a glitch Harlequin is trying to remedy). I have already downloaded it and you can too at this LINK. It's at Harlequin's site. You can choose from different formats. Other places should have it fixed shortly.

I also want to announce that the Supernatural Underground is officially opening today. They will have lots of great giveaways! You can find them at the blog, facebook, and Twitter. Each one of those links I've posted should take you directly to their pages. 

"Bloodrush" is the official soundtrack to her "fever" series. She is giving away one of the songs on this soundtrack called "Jericho Rain". You have a choice of MP3 or M4a. Go HERE for details.

Glimmerglass (Faeriewalker, Book 1)

A short novella called "Remedial Magic" which is a part of Jenna Black's "Glimmerglass" faerie series (my review is here for Glimmerglass). It's free to read on-line (it's VERY short) at the publisher's site. Just go to the link I just published.

Hope you are enjoying the beginning of this new month with all these freebies! :)


  1. WOW, thanks so much for sharing all the links and information.

  2. Freebie heaven! Thanks, Melissa.

  3. I just happened upon these all in one day! :) Oh, and it looks like B&N now have fixed the pricing of Winter's Passage. As of this morning, Amazon hadn't but I haven't checked in a few hours.

  4. I was so afraid I missed this post with all the posts I have been trying to get through quickly. But I didn't! I down loaded Winter's Passage. Now I need to get to Iron King. :) Thanks!

  5. thanks for sharing the links to these cool freebies ;-D


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