Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Holiday Card!

Christmas Letter Christmas Card
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With that promo code I received from Shutterfly, I created a card for my family and friends. I tried to be a little crafty and have some fun. My mom about died when I showed her what I did. I don't know if she has stopped laughing yet. ;) Thought you might be curious as to where my strange brain had taken me... :D


  1. Doooood, why do my comments keep disappearing from your site? I must be doing something wrong? hmmm...

    Cute Angel and reindeer and is that a Harry Potter House cloak?!

  2. I think blogger is having problems again...

    LOL! It's a Bronco hat. My family are huge Bronco fans. :)

  3. Oh, your dogs are sweeties, every single one. Did you have to photoshop all the outfits? I can't see any dog, no matter how angelic, staying still for that.

  4. @Stephanie... nope. The "hats" are really on them. The sheltie and the doberman will do it for a little while (as long as there are treats involved). The malemute will keep it on as long as none of the others get to wear it. XD

    @Steph... thanks!

  5. love your card! thanks so much for adding my giveaway banner to your list :)

  6. Love it! What gorgeous puppies! :)


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